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  1. bubbles

    First in a long time

    So this is my first tag in like a bazillion years, tell me how I did?
  2. bubbles

    Bubbles is back (:

    Oh my gosh. I haven't been on here in forever! The last time I was on here was probably like like 5 months ago. I don't know acually.... But yeah i'm sure nobody remebers me haha. But before I was just too busy to come on here and I stopped coming on here completely. But now i'm back because I...
  3. bubbles

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    I haven't been on in 6 months...wow. But hi peoples does anyone remember me? Lol it's so weird being back after so long.
  4. bubbles

    Desolation Row

    Finally made a new one the picture quality sucks but yeah....
  5. bubbles


    I fixed my Gimp yesh!! So yeah I made this tonight it kinda sucks but i'm still not that good at graphics so CnC please <3.
  6. bubbles

    Ash Drawing

    Yes I got bored so I drew him the camera was dead >_> so I had to use the webcam which is why you see my fingers.But anyways I know I screwed up on some stuff but CnC please? I know it's blurry too I will take another picture in a minute maybe unless it's blurry too but for right now I have no...
  7. bubbles

    The House Bunny

    I hope there isn't a thread about this I searched and didn't find anything. Anyways anyone seen it? My mom made me go with her yesterday I really don't like movies without action and adventure but I thought this one was acually good it was so funny at times.My favorite character was Mona she is...
  8. bubbles

    Always Wondered...

    How do you make an Album i've seen a couple people on here with them but I don't know how to make one.Help please?
  9. bubbles

    Wii Question

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section I wasn't sure where to put it.I have a question about my Wii I want to hook it up to the internet but I was wondering can you use a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connecter? Or do you have to have something else thanks to anyone who answers.
  10. bubbles

    The Story Of An Orphan

    A story I made about an orphan girl named Tora Mai Yamada. And it is pretty long so if you want to keep reading please be patient while I make my next chapter I usually make them once a week maybe less if i'm busy but anyways here is the first chapter. I woke up to the sound of a beeping...
  11. bubbles

    Bubbles' Request Shop

    Well....I can't come up with a better title xD. Anyways...here you can request avatars and signatures if you want to fill out the following: (for avatars and signatures) size: stock/render: colors: text(if any): subtext(if any): effects(no animations please!): anything else: here are some...
  12. bubbles

    The Devil Wears Prada

    Anyone listen to this band even though they scream most of the time I think they are really good.
  13. bubbles

    L Fanclub

    A fanclub for L from Death Note I will have events also to make this a bit more interesting so if you like him please join. .:MEMBERS:. Bubbles .:EVENTS:. make a tribute to L! (sig,AMV,story,ETC)
  14. bubbles

    *Waves* Hello

    I'm really bored....so hi everyone who reads this xD how are all of you?
  15. bubbles

    Kingdom Hearts:TheNew Orginazation

    RULES 1.be nice 2.you can be a person from the game or a made up one 3.you can be up to 3 people 4.have fun plot~ the orginazation is acting up again but this time it's roxas's own orginazation he turned against his friends and he wants to take over all of the worlds and he is sending...
  16. bubbles

    vampires and humans

    vampires and humans do not get along long ago everyone thought vampires were gone but then they found out they were still alive can the humans kill them all or will the whole world of humans be vampires rules 1.no biting or killing people without their permission 2.no cussing 3.have fun...
  17. bubbles

    the lost kingdom

    the lost kingdom of zukami (don't laugh at the name it was the best thing i could come up with) has now been found they elected a king and soon after that he had a son but two years after his son was born he died and now his son must take over as king he thinks it's all fun and games until he is...
  18. bubbles


    hewo i'm new:thumbsup::toungesmile::smileys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz