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  1. Mistearea

    Mistearea's Works

    Title is there since I'll be including everything that I do in this thread, but in Spoilers for different works. And while I mainly plan to use this as a tertiary saving method, I do encourage feedback. But please keep in mind that these are typically all WIPs and rough drafts. And if I break...
  2. Mistearea

    Help/Support ► Should I come back?

    Yup. I'm one of those that left the site, and now I've got the urge to come back. The only issue though is that while the pull from the site is strong, I'm also feeling a push from three members. One more than any of the others. And the thing about it is that they were the reason that I left...
  3. Mistearea

    High School Blues ~A Romance RP~ [Collab between Mistearea and <3]

    St. Augustine: A boarding school located deep in the heart of the United States of America. Established precisely 100 years ago, the school focuses on children considered to be gifted in certain fields. It does so by offering not only an advanced curriculum to help students reach his or her...
  4. Mistearea

    Katawa Shoujo - A Cannon Romance RP

    You are a student of Yamaku Academy. Is this your first year here or are you a returning student? Either way the first thing that you will notice is that many of the students have some form of disability. This can range from anything internal such as a heart defect of some sort, to something...
  5. Mistearea

    The mark of my return!

    Alright, I'm back and hopefully for good this time. Now, to mark this I was thinking about making a canon RP for something that I'm certain has not been done yet. Starship Troopers. I saw the fourth movie while I was gone and was starting to think that a good RP could be made from this. At...
  6. Mistearea

    I'll let her name it. [Something from the minds of Mega and Mist]

    Mega and I have decided to do something a little fun. I just recently learned that it's called a "Round Robin", but something tells me in cases like that, the other person knows what to expect. Not in this case. We have decided to take turns on entries to write something based solely on...
  7. Mistearea

    Justin Bieber helps girl with rare condition

    Okay, title was just to get attention. This is something I found while clicking through Facebook of all things and just wanted to share it. Justin Bieber helps a girl with a rare condition.
  8. Mistearea

    Puella Magi Unmei Magica RP Thread

    Nestled safely next to an emergency exit of one of the largest hospitals in the city a single spot keeps getting easily overlooked. Examine the spot a bit more with the right magical abilities and one finds themselves in a space that is nothing like the world outside of a Modern Art exibit at a...
  9. Mistearea

    List the Quote!

    It's really easy. Give a quote that you feel is deep, funny or just random. If you know who said it, list them. If it came from a song, movie or whatever then list that too. "I'm tired of these mother-fucking zombies in this mother-fucking strip club!" Johnny "Backhand" Vegas...
  10. Mistearea

    Post that Opening!

    Not so much a game, as a contest. Who would win? Anime? Video Games? Or something else entirely? If it's a show, movie or whatever then post the opening! And to help keep score, copy the current scores listed in the above person's post and simply add yours to the number of the category...
  11. Mistearea

    Fanfiction ► Black Lagoon Untitled (WARNING!!! MATURE CONTENT! NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!)

    No, I don't mean pornographic stuff, just a ton of violence. Anyways, this is the start of some side thing that I've decided to write. Enjoy and tell me what you think. With fingers growing restless, a single woman of Chinese lineage takes a chance to peek around a corner. Her eyes...
  12. Mistearea

    Mad ic vehecr drec. (Challenge to voiceofourgeneration)

    Hey, bad timing made the last battle end not-so-well. So I propose a bit of a redo. Different chara if you want. You wanted Spirit Panic!, so that's what you got! I'll let you pick the arena. If you don't want to, I'll pick something. -Continuum -No killing
  13. Mistearea

    High School Blues [A High School Romance RP]

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kael looks down at the stack of papers sent to him from the school regarding his new position, what is expected of him, what is available to him at the school and even some basic information about his new roommate, somewhat of a perk for...
  14. Mistearea

    Puella Magi RP interest check thread

    I'm think about startin' up a Puella Magi Madoka Magica RP some time in the future. I'm just waiting on fillers for a plot to pop into my head, I've already go some basics just because of an AMV, and for things to cool down on my end in regards to the number of RPs. Anyone wishing to submit...
  15. Mistearea

    High School Blues [Sign Ups and OOC][Collab between Evangeline and Darkfyre]

    St. Augustine: A boarding school located deep in the heart of the United States of America. Established precisely 100 years ago, the school focuses on children considered to be gifted in certain fields. It does so by offering not only an advanced curriculum to help students reach his or her...
  16. Mistearea

    KHFanatic4565 VS Darkfyre Null Tier

    Power Level: Enhanced Melee Location: Middle of a massive lake where small clusters of rock formations provide the footing. The rocks themselves are small and offer space for only one person but are plentiful and clustered together in multiple locations. Looking out at the horizon one is...
  17. Mistearea

    That Which Has Been Found [OOC/Sign Ups]

    Setting: Two area types are of note. There is the surface area in which many of the world believe to be inhospitable. In truth, the surface has already changed from the desolate world shown in records to a lush environment with few centers of thriving creatures. These creatures themselves are...
  18. Mistearea

    WTF Japan?! Do you hate us THAT much?!

    I was reading Aki Sora today and noticed that there was a forum thread saying that it was cancelled. I checked it out and found this bit of news. Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes I realize that there are several people out there that don't really like the more sexual anime and manga, but some...
  19. Mistearea

    Help/Support ► Flash Drive Problems

    To sum it all up, my jump drive is suddenly empty. Yesterday morning I was able to work with it perfectly normally, but then I left for school and forgot to take it with me. That being said it stayed in the port until my nephew started crawling around and was entranced by the blinking orange...
  20. Mistearea

    Challenge to Bonechill (I swear that this was just a random urge.)

    Standard rules apply. This means no GMing or PPing. By the way, this is rather basic since the whole thing could take a few days to type out. Meet Character #2! I made this guy back when I was about 12. Template: Name: Kazuma Bloodraine Age: 22 (Human-wise at least) Appearance: Try this...