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  1. PowerOverNothing

    Terra V.S a secret boss

    To unlock it you have to find every single Xehanort Report of the main game, throughout all three playthroughs (Terra, Aqua, Ven) and once you have all of them, the Final Episode becomes available for you to play. :)
  2. PowerOverNothing

    Terra V.S a secret boss

    Vanitas Sentiment only appears *AFTER* you cleared the Final Episode. :) If you haven't finished that part of the game, that's probably why you can't find his Absent Silhouette portal thing. Once you cleared the Final Episode, go back to the BadLands, and the portal should be there.
  3. PowerOverNothing

    Kingdom hearts birth by sleep final mix NEW SCANS

    Yep. I thought the exact same thing when I saw the scan. It looks as though they recolored some of the more basic Unversed, because in the actual cut scene they're darkish blue. Here, they're purple and have red/pink on their...huh...head things. :P I have no idea what to call those things--ears...
  4. PowerOverNothing

    Re:coded Ultimania - Scenario Mysteries Interview Translated!

    Re: coded Ultimania - Scenario Mysteries Interview Translated! Hm, not really, VLR. He's dead. Gone, no more, an ex-Nobody, pushing up daisies, and so on. Because when Sora kills him in his last form on that floating thing with the creepy woman statue behind him...and so on...you can see rose...
  5. PowerOverNothing

    Re:coded Ultimania - Scenario Mysteries Interview Translated!

    Re: coded Ultimania - Scenario Mysteries Interview Translated! Nope. Demyx, Luxord, Marly and Larxene are the only four that have not had their true names revealed as of yet. I believe I read that Nomura wanted to have them in Birth By Sleep, but decided against it because of how cluttered...
  6. PowerOverNothing

    New BBSFM Info in Next Week's Issue of JUMP

    Hey, don't worry about it. 8D Weird stuff like that happens to the best of it. I was just happy I could help. :D
  7. PowerOverNothing

    New BBSFM Info in Next Week's Issue of JUMP

    For some reason, Sign's pictures aren't showing up. At least they aren't on my computer, I don't know if you guys are having that trouble. But still, it's kind of lame because they look totally awesome, so let me do my best to upload them for you guys. :D (Direct link to this one, because it...
  8. PowerOverNothing

    New BBSFM Info in Next Week's Issue of JUMP

    Re: New BBSFM Info Coming Next Week Yeaaaaaaah~! More news on the Eraqus battle! More new pictures that I can use for icons to spam! More new everything! YAAAAAAY! Oh, I can't wait for this and the Final Mix itself! Thanks for the heads up Sign! Much appreciated! :) s1elleface
  9. PowerOverNothing

    Re:coded Ultimania - Scenario Mysteries Interview Translated!

    Re: coded Ultimania - Scenario Mysteries Interview Translated! Wooo! Thanks for posting this Sign! And way to go HeartStation once again for giving us AWESOME stuff about the future of the game! This really made my night! :P And I have to say really got me curious, one about him "What-If"ing...
  10. PowerOverNothing

    "Secret Episode" will focus on Apprentice Xehanort

    Ah. So I see. Well, because I know very little of Heavy Rain, (Heck. I know so little of a lot of stuff I've been talking about tonight. I'm fail that way.), I'll just take your word for it. :) It does seem as though it would be AWESOME to see it play out that way. And who knows? It could end up...
  11. PowerOverNothing

    "Secret Episode" will focus on Apprentice Xehanort

    O_______O Wait. Heavy Rain style? Wait...when did Nomura say that?! Oh dang, I missed that somewhere, I think. I ADORED Heavy Rain's style of cut scenes and interaction! Just thinking of the Final episode being like that would be INCREDIBLE! Wow...my excitement has just went up TEN times what it...
  12. PowerOverNothing

    "Secret Episode" will focus on Apprentice Xehanort

    I really like what you've got going here, HeartSeams! Actually, I very much love the whole idea. It would be very interesting and awesome to see at least see something about Xehanort's time as an apprentice and his descend into the evil man we knew screwed up everything. And in doing so, perhaps...
  13. PowerOverNothing

    Did Blank Points make you..

    OOOOOO! Look what you did! You made me go watch that ending again. And I cried. :P DARN YOU. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. But I agree with you, where they break hands is bad enough. And it's always worse for me because I'm sitting there screaming "DARN IT SORA. I GAVE YOU GLIDE. JUST JUMP BLAST...
  14. PowerOverNothing

    Did Blank Points make you..

    *raises hand* I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried. Because it was just really emotional and something that was overwhelming. I was completly fine until they started showing everyone calling Sora's name in hope and pure happiness. I began to get choked up with Roxas, Axel and Xion appeared...
  15. PowerOverNothing

    A Theory on MF

    I always thought that that was suppose to be either Aqua or Ven's voice reaching Xemnas? At lest, after watching that scene and then some of the Birth By Sleep endings, that what I always thought. Which would, of course, bring up another question...how would Xemnas hear it if it was Aqua's...
  16. PowerOverNothing

    kingdom hearts 2 final mix secret ending

    To get the secret ending on Proud difficulty all you have to do is beat the game and defeat the Lingering Sentiment. ;) Hope that helps! Good luck with getting it! :)
  17. PowerOverNothing

    What You Like/Dislike about Days and why:

    Been seeing this board for a while now, and considering that Days is my favorite game out of the series, I thought...well. Why not? ;) I'll try my hand at this. Although it might take a bit. Anyway, here's my list. :) s1coffeeman Loved: ~Playing as Roxas, and getting more depth in regards to...
  18. PowerOverNothing

    Based on the BBS secret movie....

    Lolz. You know, Cruella de Ville from the movie had a lust for getting those Dalmations puppies, remember? So she could make fur coats out of 'em. Well, their coats colorings are made outta black and white. Xemnas's last form was made of a black and white coat. Thus in a sense, he was pulling...
  19. PowerOverNothing

    Re:Coded opening movie!!!

    Re: Coded opening movie!!! Incredible opening!! I enjoyed every moment of it. The face pace, all the flashes of images, the glitchy movements throughout. Very nice, very quick and exciting. Square, as many have said...you've really out did yourself this time. s1eyeballs Although I have to say...
  20. PowerOverNothing

    I'm glad they edit the malifcent scene/other scenes

    When he gets up from the ground and screams, there's a quick shot of his left cheek that's covered with blood, (And when he falls to his knees, you can see it on his neck as well.) which is where his scar will later be. I'm really surprised that they managed to keep that unedited, considering...