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  1. Muke

    KHBBS: Rewritten

    This is a rewrite of KHBBS. I'll keep most of the same plot points and want to keep the endings mostly the same. I guess that's really all there is to say. I hope you enjoy! I'll try to always list what I have changed at the end of a chapter, so maybe look forward to that. Chapters Chapter 1...
  2. Muke

    What do you want the next trailer to cover?

    I just thought that this'd be a nice discussion until we finally get a trailer. There are a lot of worlds we haven't seen yet (or in a while), and there's also the new leak… For me, I finally want to see Corona and San Fransokyo. Especially Corona - I want to see Rapunzel and Flynn...
  3. Muke

    What do your shortcuts look like?

    Just thought this'd be interesting. So, you can assign shortcuts to your magic spells in KH1, KH2, and KH0.2 - are there buttons that are always assigned to a specific button throughout the games? If yes, why? For KH2, my shortcuts look like this: - Triangle: Cure (simply because triangle is...
  4. Muke

    BBS 0.2 - OST change

    Just a little thing I quickly did. Only the JPN version of the game has Aqua's theme in this scene - strangely, it's removed in every other version. But I didn't really like the scene too much with Aqua's theme. I mean, it's fitting, but it's not as epic as the scene. So I did this and I think...
  5. Muke

    Stupid things that happened to you

    I cut myself with a pen some mins ago. What are some stupid things that happened to you?
  6. Muke

    Why were there two versions of the Halloween Town theme?

    I'm just really wondering. There's one version that plays until you meet Jack Skellington, and then there's the second version we're all used to. Why did they compose two different versions? I know these aren't that different from one another, but still - what was the reason?
  7. Muke

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts 2.9: Echoes of the Past

    KINGDOM HEARTS 2.9: ECHOES OF THE PAST Summary: Kairi and Lea must train together for the inevitable clash against the 13 Seekers of Darkness. Will they be able to let their past go and work together? Chapters Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 PROLOGUE Kairi summoned her...
  8. Muke

    Ray Chase's tweets… so good.

  9. Muke

    Your Opinion on the (U)X-story?

    So, I've come to realize that a lot of people don't actually like the story - so I just wanted to create a thread to see some opinions on that! Personally, I absolutely love the X-lore and story. At first I couldn't stand it, but thanks to having rewatched and replayed many quests yesterday, I...
  10. Muke

    The Story of KHUX

    This is for all of the people who can't play the game for whatever reason. I will update this thread with each new story quest - however, I will be excluding Disney worlds, since they don't really influence the main plot, anyway. I will also be excluding side-stories that don't affect the plot...
  11. Muke

    Most Emotional KH Moments

    I think the title speaks for itself? For me, the Sora vs. Roxas fight is certainly up there, together with Sora vs. Rinzler (and what happened after that) in DDD. These fights and moments just… it's so good. Not to forget Terranort vs. Aqua! Other than that, the 1.000 Heartless fight is...
  12. Muke

    The Hades Cup: a KHUX movie (Trailer)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CycW7viVh68 "One of Square Enix' best dramas" - some reviewer
  13. Muke

    SE has an official reddit account

    …that they specifically use on the KH subreddit. I feel so sorry for the person (Glacie) because reddit is so TOXIC sometimes. But I'm also glad they're doing this - she says that they want to hear the community's voices and that this is not a PAX-thing
  14. Muke

    Muke's Avatar/Signature shop

    So, I've been getting a lot of requests via PM lately regarding avatars and signatures. I just thought I should create a thread. :D Template Link (to a render/the picture): Text: (yes/no - if yes, what?) Avatar (size): (ex. 100x100, 200x200,…) Signature: colors: (any colors that should...
  15. Muke

    History will repeat itself, 2nd Keyblade War [Theory]

    (SPOILERS) [I'm not good with theories and this will be all over the place, so please bear with me.] -- As we learned in Union Cross, the Master of Masters has chosen five Dandelions who would become new the new Union Leaders. One of them will inherit the Book of Prophecies, which will "shape...
  16. Muke

    Riku's ability to smell the Darkness

    I have the vague suspicion that the "smelling" is to be taken literally… subconscious olfactory stimuli. It provides a quite realistic explanation as to how Riku is experiencing such (more or less) "shock" conditions in the presence of people who use the darkness. Such unconscious olfactory...
  17. Muke

    Things of past titles you really want in KH3?

    I don't think I need to explain this -- just tell us what sort of things from the past titles you'd want to return/be similar in KH3! Whether it's gameplay or story related. I'm really curious! As for me, I definitely want more 'even tracks'. I think the only one we had in KH2 was "Showdown in...
  18. Muke

    How will they make Rapunzel's hair work in gameplay?

    I've really been wondering so much about this lately whenever discussion about party membera popped up. Since there are many ways as to how they can use her hair, I felt like this discussion might be fun. Like, what so you guys think? Will they actually make it really long and make her use it...
  19. Muke

    KH3 - How an English Cutscene would look

    I created this for fun, just to show everyone how an English cutscene in the game would look. I'm aware this is nothing groundbreaking, but I thought it'd be nice just to see. I took the Xemnas scene from the trailer and chose lines which would match his lip movements (some more, some less) to...
  20. Muke

    What you like most about the games (gameplay)

    Since there is always some negativity around concerning the gameplay aspects of some of the games, i thought it'd be nice to have a thread where everyone can list their favorite gameplay mechanic out of each game. Like, I dunno, you like the combos in KH2, you liked Command Melding in BbS, you...