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  1. NumberVIII

    ^^^ The Lea and Isa BFF Fanclub! ^^^

    Welcome to... The Lea and Isa BFF Fanclub! "I know I won't forget you" For anybody who supports the adorable friendship between our two favorite Somebodies in Radient Garden. For Axel and Saix, back when they were two innocent kids living life to the fullest, side by side, before their...
  2. NumberVIII

    ~~~THE OFFICIAL Legend of Zelda Fanclub~~~

    Welcome to... The Legend of Zelda Fanclub! Recreated with permission by The Dead Skin Founder NumberVIII Members The Dead Skin Vanitas97 Ryukashi17 Oe98 VirgilTheart UmbraTsuki Organization_42 Strawberry XxfallennobodyxX Gesso Haeralis Chevalier Sombre khlover7 chasespicer056 Shinra X-2...
  3. NumberVIII

    Lit ► The Young Wizards Series

    So I kind of have a feeling I'm gonna be alone here, but does anyone here read/used to read the Young Wizards Seires (So You Want to be a Wizard)? I just finished the most recent book, A Wizard of Mars, which was published only last April, and it was fantastic. I'd really love someone to discuss...
  4. NumberVIII

    ~*~The Zemyx Fanclub~*~

    ~*~The Zemyx Fanclub~*~ Reasons why we love Zemyx: 1. Because opposites attract. 2. Because they look adorable together. 3. They're different enough that they compliment each other, but not so opposite that they'd never get along. 4. Even though we don't see them interact in the games...
  5. NumberVIII

    I wonder...

    In the kh1 final mix secret ending version of deep dive, when it starts counting down from 13 (which, I would imagine, represents Organization XIII), some of the numbers are roman numerals, and some are just regular numbers. I was wondering if they specifically made certain numbers roman...
  6. NumberVIII

    Fanfiction ► Breakeven

    Important: Please read. This story was NOT written by me. It was written by my older sister. I just thought it was so beautiful that I wanted it to be appreciated. This is Akuroku BUT. But. Please, please, unless you hate this pairing with the burning fiery passion of a thousand suns, you...
  7. NumberVIII

    You know...

    ...for being such a pure-hearted, kind, caring, etc. person, Sora can be a real jerk. :| I'm watching my sister play kh2 right now, and I'm just like "...wow Sora, really?" The thing that probably bothers me the most is how he acts when he kills Demyx. He provokes him into attacking, kills him...
  8. NumberVIII

    Fanfiction ► Another Day

    This is my entry for the Winter 2010 Fanfiction Competition. It can be read as either Akuroku or simply Axel/Roxas friendship/brotherly. Not my best work, but I think it's fairly decent. A little cliche, but it was supposed to be. Enjoy! *Critiques are welcomed!* With one final swing of...
  9. NumberVIII


    So, I searched, and was appalled to find that there was no thread for one of the best TV shows ever. This is a discussion thread for Fox's hit tv show, Bones. APRIL NEEDS TO COME FASTER! I could ramble on and on about this show and bore everyone to tears, so instead, I'm gonna set a...
  10. NumberVIII

    Am I the only one...

    ...who really didn't like CoM that much? Well, Re:CoM, I never played the GBA version. But anyway. I don't really see why everyone seems to love it. I hate the card system. :| It's interesting, and I realize that it's supposed to make the battles based on strategy rather than mashing, but for...
  11. NumberVIII

    Post Count...what?

    I'm confused. o.0 At the beginning of today, my post count was 309. And then I posted a LOT, there was a whole showdown going on at the Org. XIII hurt/heal and I contributed a lot. And just now I looked at my post count, and it's still 309. Does it take a while to be changed? I figured it was...
  12. NumberVIII

    First one?

    So, believe it or not, I've never in my life played a Final Fantasy game. So, I decided I should do so. In a little bit I'm going to the nearest game stop and buying a FF game. The question is...which one? What do you guys recommend I should get for my first Final Fantasy game?
  13. NumberVIII

    Over two?

    Okay, this has probably been asked/answered millions of times, but it's seriously been driving me crazy. WHY is it 358/2 Days?!? Or, spoken out loud, 358 Days Over Two? Wtf?!? I mean the 358 days is obvious but...over two?? *is at a loss* I feel like a noob for asking this. >>;
  14. NumberVIII

    Fanfiction ► Broken

    Okay, so I've been working on this for a while, and then I dropped it. But I still liked the idea, so I decided to revise it and see if I could actually make something of it. I've only written about two chapters, but if it seems like people like it, I'll continue it. WARNING: This fic is AU...
  15. NumberVIII

    Organization XIII Fanvid

    So, I'm not really sure where I should post this, or even if there is an appropriate place for this. Mods, feel free to move it. But yeah, I wanted to share this, cause it's my first ever fanvid and it turned out surprisingly well IMO. I wanted to know what other people thought. Comments...
  16. NumberVIII

    So, I just beat re:com...

    ...for both Sora and Riku, for the first time. And I have some questions. Well...two. Firstly, I can kind of understand why Axel had to kill Vexen, but why did he kill Zexion? He was ordered to kill the traitors, and that was only Marluxia and Larxene. Explain? Secondly, in KH2 FM+, there's...
  17. NumberVIII

    Fanfiction ► Drabbles in Axel and Roxas (Updated)

    So, I originally just had one drabble here, but I like drabbles, and have written a few and probably will continue to write them, so I decided to put 'em all in one post. I'm hesitant to call them Akuroku, one because most people here don't like it, and two because they can mostly all be read...
  18. NumberVIII

    ~The Akuroku Fanclub~ "I'll be waiting"

    Welcome to the Akuroku Fanclub! Thank you june for the lovely banner! Let's meet again, in the next life. Affiliates: ╬✖╬ The Roxas Fanclub ╬✖╬ ►☼◄ The Axel Fanclub ►☼◄ REASONS WHY WE LOVE AKUROKU 1. Roxas makes Axel feel like he has a heart. One of the cutest things I've ever...
  19. NumberVIII


    Saïx: Evil? Or just sadly misunderstood? Sure, sure, he's a member of Organization XIII, which is considered an evil group. He's full of ambition, and makes a plan with Axel to put himself at the top, second in command over the other members, maybe even aspiring to first in command some day...
  20. NumberVIII

    Enemy/boss cards?

    So I'm playing re:com for the first time right now, and I'm up to the fifth Repliku fight after Destiny Islands (which is IMPOSSIBLE...tips please?). So, since I've had such a hard time with it, I looked up some strategies, and read one that told me to put the Jafar card in my deck and break it...