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  1. Blobbit

    Help/Support ► Getting a Laptop

    I am planning on getting a new laptop because mine is starting to break and I've had it for a while. My birthday and Christmas are coming up so that's around when I'll be getting it. With all the new Windows 8 ultrabooks and the retina MacBook Pro that have all just come out, I was wondering if...
  2. Blobbit

    Critical Mode file?

    So I finished the game on Proud mode, and I now have the chance to play on Critical Mode. My question is, can I save over my Proud file without anything messing up? I don't want to use the second slot because I'm (supposed to be) sharing the game with my sister, and her file is already on there.
  3. Blobbit

    Birth by Sleep final mix cutscene script?

    I was wondering if anyone could post a script of any dialogue said in the new scenes in the final mix of birth by sleep. I may not have wifi for a while so I won't be able to look on YouTube, and I'd like to be able to read the script while I watch the cutscene on my psp.
  4. Blobbit

    So I'm going to Japan...

    I'm going to Japan for the next two weeks with my school, and I'm stoked. We leave on Sunday, and we're going to sightsee, help clean up at Fukushima, and visit schools and do some exchange program type stuff (Sadly we're not doing a homestay). But anyways, I was just wondering if anyone who's...
  5. Blobbit

    KH 3DS?

    Just wondering, is there any possibility of the KH special edition 3DS to come out in America? I don't have a 3DS yet and it would be awesome if I got KH3D along with the 3DS.
  6. Blobbit

    Help/Support ► Dilemma about school

    Well here's the deal. I'm currently a 10th grader at my high school. My parents want me to go to this really studious school in the capital; it's public school but it's a boarding school too. There I would most likely get better options for college scholarships and even cut down some of the time...
  7. Blobbit

    11/5/ 11 Earthquakes

    Did anyone feel the earthquakes? They were here in Oklahoma, one around 11 pm and one around 2 AM. I heard they were felt all the way down to texas and up to kansas, so did anyone else feel them?
  8. Blobbit

    Keyblade War?

    I've been wondering this for a while now, but are ALL those people who "died" in the Keyblade War asleep? This probably has nothing to do with the plot, but it just made me think about how all of these keyblade wielders have a possibility of coming back to life.
  9. Blobbit

    Help/Support ► What should I get/What order should I get these things?

    Ok in/near October a ton of stuff I want is coming out and I wanna hear what you guys think I should get or what order I should get the things I want in. Here's what they are: Professor Layton and the Last Specter NDS Ico/Shadow of the Colossus collection (haven't played either of them) PS3 Son...
  10. Blobbit

    KH3D shown briefly on 3DS conference

    VIDEO HERE: http://www.khinsider.com/content/view/1955/339/ (keep checking the main page for updates!) They showed KH3D, and there was a glimpse of the two other party members. I couldn't tell who they were though, it was too blurry. One looked as if they had blue hair (Aqua?)
  11. Blobbit

    Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Pre Order Bonus

    "Order the new DS title in advance, and you'll get an original Kingdom Hearts shopping bag. This size A4 cotton bag features a monochrome illustration showing the characters who appear in the game." Interesting choice for a preorder bonus, I would say. Source: Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Comes...
  12. Blobbit

    PSP BbS decals possibly US preorder bonus?

    I was looking through Joystiq, and I found an article talking about the preorder bonus for BbS being the decals that we know are the preorder bonus for Canada. I went to Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy's websites and didn't see any confirmation but here's the link anyways. Stick Kingdom Hearts...
  13. Blobbit

    Help/Support ► School Language?

    I REALLY want to take Japanese this year, but I'm currently signed up for Spanish. I don't want to take spanish because it's spanish 1 and I probably already know everything because I was in advanced spanish in Middle School. The problem is, my parents don't want to switch me into Japanese...
  14. Blobbit

    Help/Support ► DSi Issue

    Sorry if I should've put this in the Video Game forum, but my DSi's L and R buttons aren't working. I was wondering if I should just call Nintendo or bring it somewhere else to get fixed. I'm kind of afraid to bring it to Nintendo because I heard if they just replace it for you, you lose the...
  15. Blobbit

    Birth By Sleep wins E3 Awards

    BbS won GameSpot's E3 2010 People's Choice and nominated for IGN's best of E3. Awesome! Source: SQUARE ENIX E3 2010 (SQEX_E3) on Twitter
  16. Blobbit

    Just some stuff I've made...

    Here's some images I've created. I use fotoflexer but I haven't made any recently because fotoflexer's messing up and whenever you want to cut out a picture, the application goes off screen so the top of the picture is uncroppable. These are the "good" ones I've made... (This one would've...
  17. Blobbit

    Mirage Arena

    I'm not really sure if this is the right place, but I was wondering if Mirage Arena in BbS is Wi-Fi(Meaning, the people you're playing aren't in the same place as you.)
  18. Blobbit

    Alice in Wonderland

    I can't wait for this movie. It looks like a good twist on the classic tale, and not the happy, colourful, cheerful original Disney movie. It looks creepy, which is a very interesting way to remake the movie based on a book. (Jabberwocky FTW) So, anyone else excited?
  19. Blobbit

    You know you're addicted to ____ when...

    Fun forum game. Example: User1: You know you're addicted to KH when... User2: You cosplay. EVERY DAY. You know you're addicted to TV when... Ok, I'll start. You know you're addicted to KHI when...
  20. Blobbit

    BbS: Special Case?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if BbS will have a special case. Since it's close to it's release date, I was thinking they could've revealed if they did already. I was wondering because I got my Days game with a special case and if there is a special case for BbS I'd want to get it.