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  1. Decrith

    Question about the Abilities

    So I've finished the game without paying too much attention to the spirits at all. I'm about to play it again in critical mode and decided to make use of the spirits more efficiently. I looked up about the Spirits and noticed that you get your skills and commands from them. So my simple...
  2. Decrith

    MF broke my PSP

    This is just plain wrong, I bought BBS just because I've heard how hard MF is, so 3 days ago I finally started playing it. It took me awhile but now I finally unlocked MF. Just as I expected, he was pretty easy to dodge but I end up getting hit by that 'hook' atack of his and usually die, after...
  3. Decrith

    Recommend some DS games please

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I've been having problems choosing games for my DS. I bought mine back at Christmas, for the sole purpose of playing KH Days & Re:Coded. Now I see the error of my ways, and I want to justify buying the console. So uhmm, can someone recommend me DS games. I...