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  1. Hexxagone

    Next Game

    So if Shibuya gets its own game, how do you think that will work? The city mimicking past Disney worlds would be too much like Chain of Memories. I had a thought that the 2 Keyblade Masters might go to get Sora back so we could have a game with Sora, Riku and Aqua. Riku taking Goofy's place and...
  2. Hexxagone

    An Idea about the Ending

    I had an idea based on the time loop that happened in this game with the Final World. The ending of this game had everyone at the beach and Sora fades away. Then he and Riku wake up in Shibuya. What if for the next game Riku helps Sora come back to life and beats the reapers game. He then goes...
  3. Hexxagone

    Spinoff Game or Kingdom Hearts 4?

    1. Do you want a spinoff game next or KH4? 2. What do you think will actually happen, spinoff or KH4?
  4. Hexxagone


    Looking back, no relationship was confirmed besides Sora and Kairi. Nothing was said or done by any other character to establish a romantic relationship. People are talking about Riku and Namine but that could just be him looking out for her as a guardian role. Nomura seems to have left all...
  5. Hexxagone

    Idea about the ending

    People have been complaining (including me) of the lack of character interactions so I had an idea on how the ending could have happened. What if after you defeat the 3 Xehanorts and Master Xehanort completes all the keyblades he needs, he disappears through a portal instead of summing Kingdom...
  6. Hexxagone

    I went into this game glad its the end of the Xehanort Saga

    But I feel a sadness, i'm really going to miss Ansem Seeker of Darkness
  7. Hexxagone

    Union X and KH

    After the ending video for KH3 i'm pretty sure Ava is the traitor. She didn't betray them in the past, she betrays them in the present when she allies herself with Sora and Riku against the Master of Masters and the Forebears