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    Xion's Element.

    Nothing and twilight are the same thing, what are you talking about, twilight can be the absence of light and darkness as is the case with the org., or the presence of both light and darkness as is with Riku, The org. is twilight because they have no choice of light nor darkness.
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    Xion's Element.

    No all nobodies are twilight.
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    Xion's Element.

    She can either be darkness[the org. weilds twilight not darkness], Sun, Twilight, Shadows, i doubt she will be light. Light was already used in Roxas' case and not all keyblade weilders are light. Xemnas - Nothingness Xigbar - Space Xaldin - Wind Vexen - Ice Lexeaus - Earth Zexion - Illusion...
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    Is is not known.!?.!?.!?[Information Compilation]

    I feel this thread has to be made because too many people seem to be forgetting already confirmed information. Please give this thread a look through, I have been gathering info for months now[having to restart over and over again and taking many breaks] and even I learned information I forgot...
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    This kind of struck me way back then...

    Marluxia controls nature and i dont know why he cant just heal himself. Why cant demyx just drown sora to death, why cant axel just burn him to death, why cant luxord just stop time and kill sora, why cant xigbar just make the gravity kill sora? Because then there would be no point to the game.
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    Fanfiction ► Shadows and Daylight *A Riku Story*

    Depressing..... Great chapter awaiting the next one.
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    Fanfiction ► Shadows and Daylight *A Riku Story*

    Great fanfic, waiting for next chapter!
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts MM Side: The King's Story

    This is a great fanfic, im still waiting for the next chapter.
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    Riku vs Roxas!

    He needed Roxas alive so he could make sora complete... Or did you forget about all of that
  10. R

    Riku vs Roxas!

    Wow so Riku had roxas beat but didnt finish him off and then roxas came back and then riku transformed into Ansem(xehanort) and thats it?
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    Mickey's involvment in the new secret ending

    You do realize the star seeker is a keychain, so he probably could've just put the keychain on his IKK... Just saying...
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    Meet Marluxia's *Spoiler*

    Re: Meet Marluxia's *SPoiler* Higher nobodies control lesser nobodies, since it is under his control it belongs to him thus its his nobody... O aight, thanks.
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    Meet Marluxia's *Spoiler*

    Re: Meet Marluxia's *SPoiler* Lol, im confused... Is that his Nobody? or One he summons, or him?
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    Which Boss Are you Most Looking Forward To?

    Thats kh2:fm+, and for the record i'd rather play as riku, imagine being able to control ansem's(xehanort) powers and the heartless guardian
  15. R

    Which Boss Are you Most Looking Forward To?

    I got a couple battles im looking forward too, the Larxene battle, the Riku 4 battle(RR), Marluxia battle, and the Final Xehanort fight(RR).
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    The Strongest Org Member!!

    Umm ya do realize Sora never defeated Marluxia he locked him away in the room of CoM... http://youtube.com/watch?v=E2prqwtrTyE From the gamescript of CoM And while it did take both Riku and Sora to defeat xemnas, no one ever officially beat Marluxia...
  17. R

    The Strongest Org Member!!

    1.Xemnas-In CoM everyone but 1 person feared him, and with all the corruption in the org. i doubt if he wasnt the strongest, he would be the leader. 2.Saix-He was second in command and being number 7 he had to have been strong 3.Marluxia-He was the only one in CoM who didnt fear the "superior"...
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    hmmm org member in twilight thorn battle?

    No i said it first. You just explained it more
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    hmmm org member in twilight thorn battle?

    Its either a) riku or b) a reflection of roxas threw roxas' mind.....keep in mind this happened while roxas was in diz's fake twilight town, so it wwouldn't be any of the other 12 org. members....It couldn't be zexion because he was dead.
  20. R

    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    How can Zexion fall into darkness and he is a nobody, which is twilight, thats impossible............