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  1. Wilford111

    KH MoM Synthesis Guide

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DwkD-4bYV4b-QOdeU6tDcGmmCicWgvOI6NAkkfvf_w0/edit#gid=0 Hello there. Above is a link to a synthesis guide I created to help me fully complete the game, without going back to the same three songs the game references to get specific synthesis items...
  2. Wilford111

    Semi-consistent crash...?

    Not sure what to call this, but I've tried looking up this crash but I can't find it anywhere. I may be the first person to report it, but anyway... I was grinding for exp, switching back and forth between Castle Town and the Depths of Darkness. To the point, the game has crashed twice on me...
  3. Wilford111

    Dream Venturer: Excerpt

    The following is something I felt compelled to write after lying in bed, trying to get to sleep. For some reason the best ideas come to me in this situation. What I wrote isn't very long, it's just what came to me. I plan to insert this into a much larger story that I've been brainstorming for...
  4. Wilford111

    Y'all are lyers. Sephiroth is WAY harder in this game.

    I've heard people saying for years that Sephiroth is an easier fight in Kingdom Hearts II than he is in the first game. Well I just fought Sephiroth for the first time, and retried probably about 8 times now, and I can't beat him. I beat Sephiroth from the first game on my first try. I think...
  5. Wilford111

    Is there a chatroom?

    Just wanted to know if KHInsider has a chatroom, and if not... can we have one? :D Thanks!
  6. Wilford111

    Mrs. Potts weirdness [glitch]

    Hey, I don't know where else to post this, but since I found it in KHIIFM, I figured this would be the best spot until a mod moves it or something. Nothing big, just that I found a glitch in KHIIFM. This is the first game-breaking glitch I've found in the entire series... should I feel special...
  7. Wilford111

    My biggest worry with KHIII...

    I recently watched this video and... he makes some extremely good points. If what he's saying is true, then I'm very afraid for how KHIII is going to turn out... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2gC0UzCffw Q2gC0UzCffw
  8. Wilford111

    Do you think DDD HD will fix the framerate issues that the original had?

    Honestly, my biggest issue with Dream Drop Distance on the 3DS was the insufferable amount of framerate drops the game had throughout. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way I do, or if I'm just picky, but what I'm really hoping is that they get rid of them for the HD rerelease. Does...
  9. Wilford111

    Can we have a generic Kingdom Hearts series subforum?

    Sometimes I would like to talk about a subject that relates to the entire KH franchise, not just relegated to one game or another. But there is no forum for just Kingdom Hearts (not the first game, but the entire franchise in general). So, can we please get a generic Kingdom Hearts subforum?
  10. Wilford111

    Awkward introduction

    Hello everyone. I've already been engaging in this forum for a couple days, but it just dawned on me that I haven't even properly introduced myself. My name is Wilford and I'm a pretty big Kingdom Hearts fan :) I guess I never really considered myself as big of a KH fan as I really am until...
  11. Wilford111

    Forcing myself through Reverse/Rebirth...

    I'm serious, Reverse/Rebirth has to be my least favorite part of any Kingdom Hearts game, ever. But, it's the only part of the main Kingdom Hearts storyline that I have never completed, so I'm just trying to force myself through it. My main problem with it is that the entire thing seems like...
  12. Wilford111

    So... what exactly happened at the end of Kingdom Hearts 1??

    I mean I got the basic jist of it. Sora defeats Ansem, Ansem gets destroyed by the light coming from the door to light, Sora helps Riku and Mickey close the door, and Riku and Mickey get trapped in the darkness from inside. But the thing I don't get is that the door itself has a bunch of...