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  1. PrettyGuard

    Heavy Challenges up ahead!

    How do you prepare yourself for a boss fight or any hard challenges in-game? Feel free to share your tricks and techniques here!
  2. PrettyGuard

    Anime/Manga ► Spring season watch list

    Spring season is just around the corner, and nothing much we can do about it because of this pandemic, instead, we just lock inside and binge watch our favorite movies or animes. So what are your lists of upcoming animes this season that you're so excited to watch? Let's talk about it here! :)
  3. PrettyGuard

    General ► Should I go it alone?

    Perhaps I'm just too much in a hole to get this or maybe this is finally thinking straight, I'm not sure. In the end, each of us has to make the decision about our behavior and thoughts. (I get that chemical issues can make those harder, but I do decide whether to give in to my addiction in the...
  4. PrettyGuard

    General ► Looking for an advice...

    Christmas season is here but for me, it is feeling different this year because of this pandemic. My parents are vulnerable to this virus so they are doing isolation and I'm afraid to come over because I am working as a frontliner so I can't risk them with me. I'll be celebrating Christmas with a...
  5. PrettyGuard

    Covid-19 Situation in your area

    How are things going on in your area? Has your neighborhood set up its own security protocols to prevent possible infections? We all got bothered and worried when this pandemic hit the world. We became anxious about our health, our safety, and our family's and loved ones' so it's better to know...
  6. PrettyGuard

    Coronavirus and Pets

    What's the safest place to go to (aside from your backyard), for you to have a walk with your dog? Were you able to provide for his needs during the pandemic?
  7. PrettyGuard

    Microsoft bought Bethesda

    What are your thoughts about this? My family hasn't been too impressed with the way Microsoft has handled Minecraft since buying it, so I'm not sure if we should be concerned about the Elder Scrolls franchise.