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    KH3 items on yahoo?!!

    http://shopping.yahoo.com/search/;_ylc=X3oDMTFmcGlkZ2I3BF9TAzk2MDc5MjYwBGsDa2luZ2RvbSBoZWFydHMgMwRzZWMDa2IEc2xrA3RpdGxl?view=g&p=kingdom%20hearts%203 i found this on yahoo.they claim to have items for kh3....weird huh?
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    which game is the best?

    which game is your favorite?kh 1,Com,or kh2?
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    kh3 question

    if kh3 does come out,whats it gonna be about?i mean,if there is going to be a kh3 that means sora still hasnt shut the door and he and kairi aren't going to be reunited!
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    kh2 relaese question

    is kh2 out or not,cause i was supposed to get it for christmas but best buy said it wuz coming out march 2006.
  5. S

    which is more powerful...

    light,darkness,or twilight?
  6. S

    more CG movies?

    will kh2 have more CG movies unlike in KH 1?the only CG movies in Kh 1 were the opening and the ending movie.who thinks KH2 will have more than that?
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    new abilities in kh2

    in kh2 i want sum of the abilities to be based on attacks and overdrives from ff games.like banishing blade,spiral cut,etc.what'd ya think?
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    if u could...

    if u could switch bodies with someone from kh2 for a day who would it be? id switch with riku cauz bhk cauz id like to wield dual keyz.
  9. S

    about summons in kh2...

    if they're are any summons in kh2 id like to see some summons from the ff series.like shiva and bahumat.what'd u guys think?
  10. S

    what world do u want to be in kh2?

    look at the choices.
  11. S


    do u think we will get to synthize items again?
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    wait!is there two seperate doors?

    is the door at kingdom hearts the door to light and the one in the secret place (in destiney islands) the one to darkness?
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    unlockable worlds

    who thinks in kh2 that there will be unlockable worlds?i think that would make the game really interesting.
  14. S

    will the door in destiny islands be important in kh2

    please answer my questions... 1.will the door in the secret place be more important to kh2's story more than it did in kh1? 2.is the door in destiney islands the door to darkness cauz the one in kingdom hearts wuz obviously the door to the light
  15. S

    another theory

    okay.prepare yourself for a theory that is a lil out there.i think that MAYBE riku and kairi are related.okay below are peices of this puzzle and if u read them all you'll see what i'm sayin! 1.if ansem is kairis father and if she is related to riku i think u can see a resemblance between...
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    which fusion is the best?

    which one of these fusions is the best?
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    story paths in kh2?

    if anyone on tis site has ever played ffx-2 you'd know that that game had different endings if u did certain missons and stuff.do u think they'll hav that in kh2?that'd be so cool cauz it'd make me play he game hundreds of times!
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    what if namine....

    what if namine and bhk got together?i doubt that they're related.
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    would you...

    if kh2 could b ae a movie,tv series,or a online rpg which would you prefer?i'd prefer an kh online game cauz thats so kewl.
  20. S

    will kh2 hav....

    will kh2 hav status ailments lik in ff?here is a list: silence confusion stone blind drain beserk itchy curse zombie frozen toad(from ff2)