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    Is is not known.!?.!?.!?[Information Compilation]

    I feel this thread has to be made because too many people seem to be forgetting already confirmed information. Please give this thread a look through, I have been gathering info for months now[having to restart over and over again and taking many breaks] and even I learned information I forgot...
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    Kyo vs ????????

    This is only my third battle and i am willing to go up against anyone. Rules: 1.No godmodding 2.No powerplaying 3.No more than 5 spelling errors in each post 4.No cursing allowed 5.No spam 6.To distinguish from the battle speak in ooc 7.Post two paragraphs(a forum rule), thats 5 sentences...
  3. R


    i made this thread to show confirmed things because im tired of people making threads asking the same exact thing.................... FACTS 1)riku doesn't have a nobody a.riku never lost his heart to the darkness and never turned into a nobody and therefor can't have a nobody b.ansem was...
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    mysterious form.?!.?!.?!

    doubt this was already posted............it came from the ultimania guide it looks like it was supposed to be a fusion with king mickey............lets hope we get it in he NA version.................. http://www.kh2.co.uk/image.php?view=kh2/ultimania/kh2uc12.jpg...
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    Kh2 disappointment

    now ive watched every kingdom hearts 2 video that came out and have heard reviews about it from people who have played the game.............now every game has its downside and goodsides...........kh2 is no different now lets point them out from what i think to what others think downsides...
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    Fanfiction ► Kh:Return of the Org((slight spoilers))

    this is my first story please rate it and tell how good/bad it was thank you KH: Return Of the Org. Chapter 1: Doors After reading the letter written by mickey, riku and sora knew what would have to happen. In the letter it said: Dear Sora and Riku After the long battle against the...
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    TGs 2005 trailer summary

    this the link http://www.kh2.co.uk/?kh2=TGS05 here is the summary KINGDOM HEARTS 2 @ TOKYO GAME SHOW 2005 (This trailer is similar to the trailer that was played recently at the FF7AC Limited Screening.) Naminé: Castle Oblivion room: "You... You really do not exist..." In the place where...
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    Unofficial org. and nobody thread

    well evry1 has been goin around makin threads about da nobodys (da org. and da dusk) so post in here anything about da org. or dusk u think lets review facts of da org. all of da comfirmd membas has x in their name and has their own elements and evry memba from CoM except Axel has died...
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    do u think there would b ff summons in kh2

    do u think there would b ff summons if so who would u like it 2 b i hope it would b anima or ifrit
  10. R

    who is ur favorite kh2 character

    my favorite kh character is Riku
  11. R

    The Official Organization and the dusk post

    We all no there r 12 members in da organization(Zexion,Axel,Lexeaus,Larxene,Marluxia,Vexen,the enigmatic man,maybe diz,maybe riku,maybe mickey,maybe bhk) now we now some of them are shells. and most of dem from CoM r dead except maybe riku,mickey,enigmatic man,diz,and axel now if u have any...