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    the question and anser game!

    ok, i saw on imdb this game where someone asks a question, and the next person has to anser it, but make up the anser completely.they then ask their own question. e.g Why did riku wear a blindfold?(then the next person would anser) because he couldnt stand the sight...
  2. R

    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    the MCPs face *shudders* sora donald and goofy dancing round in a circle roxas's eyebrows Namine:roxas!you wont dissapear! roxas:ill dissapear???? namine:NO, you wont dissapear roxas:ill...dissapear? XD oh and sora dancing with a really young kairi in halloween town.just wtf
  3. R

    Demyx ...

    i knew about sitars from moulin rouge lol. when i first saw demyx with it, my frist thought was that of sonic:underground, a program i watched when i was younger.it had three hedghogs using instruments as weapons, and breaking out into at least one cheesy song every episode XD
  4. R

    Riku Theory

    no offence, but riku looks completely different to no14, cos, y,know shes a girl an all. but it was a good theory.but what did you mean by the soal eater being an incomplete weapon? do you mean about when he got the extra wing on the end, and it was called the way to dawn?cos i always wondered...
  5. R

    Erm ...

    i thought it was just saix saying that to make sora not trust axel. i dont think roxas would want to speak to axel again if he killed his other self lol, cos that was the whole reason he left the org, to look for sora and find out why he had the keyblade. but then again axel might not have been...
  6. R

    I'm about to finish KH and...

    if you dont want to buy the game, then i would suggest buying the manga(I have both!) however, at the end of the game theres a kind of secret ending.except its more just a couple of pictures.and unless im very much mistaken, you cant find those pictures on the web its not really anything major...
  7. R

    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    rikus reason for wearing a blindfold.i mean that just didnt even make sence. And when i found out that there were 2 twilight towns.I didnt even realise there were two untill i asked my brother why haner pence and olette didnt realise sora looked exactly like roxas, and he told me that they had...