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  1. M

    Need For Speed Rivals

    Yoooo, dis game is off da chain! Anywun else play it? I need sum help..............
  2. M

    The Psp Update

    Does anybody know dat u can update your psp to version 1.52? I did it, but i really dont know what really got updated......Can sumbody tell me?
  3. M

    I can't wait for KH2 to come out!!!

    da best part about kh2 i cant wait for iz seeing captain jack sparrow, and doing da pirates of the carribean world
  4. M

    I can't wait for KH2 to come out!!!

    aye, wont kh2 be even more sicc if it came out on psp?............anyone?
  5. M

    Sora,Donald and Goofy's Weapons

    yea, my fault.
  6. M

    Sora,Donald and Goofy's Weapons

    I think dey are significant, like donalds rods and staffs, those weapons can increase his magic and heal you better. And goofy is too. I dont know for kh2 if you can still call for help but in kh their weapons were a big factor to the game for me. Goofy was a good attacker and equping save the...
  7. M

    Sora,Donald and Goofy's Weapons

    dat'll succ too if the only weapons you can get for goofy and donald are the ones from the first one.
  8. M

    If you were in a kh game, wut weapon, role, stats would you have?

    If i was in a kh game, i would have a sheild wid mickey on it, only stronger dan goofy's, my stats would be just for attacking, and my role on da game would be one of disney castle soilders accidentally boarding a gummi ship dat flies and happens to crash land on the same planet as sora, from...
  9. M

    Sora,Donald and Goofy's Weapons

    Anybody got sumthing to say about Donalds or goofys weapons? Iwanna know about their weapons without having to do any research
  10. M

    Sora,Donald and Goofy's Weapons

    Wont dat succ if you had to re earn the old keyblades for no reason, like jungle king and spell binder. I wouldnt mind getting lady luck though. dat one is my favorite.
  11. M

    Sora,Donald and Goofy's Weapons

    Oh, never thought of dat. You are right.
  12. M

    Sora,Donald and Goofy's Weapons

    Iz it just me? or throughout the whole game, Sora only has one key which iz da kingdom key, and donald with Mage's staff and goofy wid da knights sheild? Only one weapon the whole game? Or are there all new weapons we havent seen yet? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......... lets discuss dis.
  13. M

    Simba - Opinions

    simba always got me killed for some reason. i perfer not to use summons, except wen using tinkerbell.
  14. M

    is da king going to be one of your party members?

    I have a feeling dat pete wont even know who mickey iz cuz if he did, shouldnt he had appeared in the first one? And mickey and pete only know each other in the cartoon. Dis is kingdom hearts. And if you relate every one from the cartoon, they should all know each other. Cuz mickey know every...
  15. M

    is da king going to be one of your party members?

    I kinda doubt dat he will have a playable role or be a party member. Cuz i thought he was in the first kingdom hearts, den it disappointed me wen he made one small appearace. I have a feeling he might appear in about mabe 2 times in the 2nd one. Or maybe im wrong............. i dunno
  16. M

    is da king going to be one of your party members?

    I always thought dat he saved sora goofy and donald at hollow bastion,
  17. M

    Mickey In Party

    I always thought dat mickey saved them in Hollow Bastion...........
  18. M

    is da king going to be one of your party members?

    Can sum body tell me how Mickey will be in dis game? Is he just a character? a party member? Boss? Or is he just an a illusion to sora donald and goofy's eyes?