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  1. K

    RF online

    I was wondering if anyone here actually plays/played RF (rising force) online im a cora :3
  2. K


    Ok , so if u go to youtube or something like youtube and search for marluxia, everione is gonna say his power is flowers, i think his power is death. so what is his power? Flowers or Death?
  3. K

    Terra, Ven, and....

    so all of we know that we are gonna play as Terra , and probably Ven , but we also know that theres 3 Scenarios wich means, 3 charactes. Who do u think the 3th char is? i give my vote to mickey.
  4. K

    Harder boss?

    Wich boss was the harder in ur opinion? (not counting on Sephiroth and Knight DX) My vote goes to Demyx DX he really gave me a pain ,in proud mode
  5. K


    So...All of we know that Kairi is one of the 7 princesses. Now in KH1 sora see , Kairi and her Grandmother talking to Kairi in hollow bastion right? so also in Kh1 Leon says they're ruler was a wise man named Ansem. Leon, aeirth and yuffie's home land is hollow bastion. Now if Ansem was the...
  6. K

    Dante vs. Cloud!

    So like Dante and Cloud are probably 2 of my Favorite Characters of all games, i prefer Dante's attitude, but i prefer Cloud's Hair style XD, but i also prefer Dante's Hair color, But i also prefer Cloud's sword. So in a battle between Dante and Cloud whu would win? I would say its dante =D...
  7. K


    like, does anione as information about dissidia? i just know its gonna rock! Does ani1 knows the Release date or something? Please informe me =D
  8. K

    Final fantasy XII, fun?

    so ...i bought this game some time ago but i never really enjoyed it like i did FFX or FFX-2 i chated with some friends and they talked about this game like if a God Gift ,but i dont understand why. Is there any secret to have fun in this game? like im level 31 and im fighting Monsters level 39...
  9. K

    Fav. Animes?

    My Fav. animes are without a doubt, Chrno Crusade, Devil may cry anime, D.gray man, and Black cat what about urs?:thumbsup:
  10. K

    Who loves Trickster online?

    I wanted to know if there are any Trickster online gamers around here , its my Fav MMORPG =D
  11. K

    Ur fav. ability

    what was ur favorite Ability,limit,Summon? i think mine was Holy from CoM also enjoyed leaf bracer (pretty usefull against sephiroth) and second chance, my favorite summon was Cloud and, favorite limit was ..hmmm maybe aladins
  12. K

    Favorite Battle

    My favorite battle was: sora vs. Cloud,Tifa,Yuffie, and squall... what about urs?
  13. K


    Just what is up with Clouds Wing? X_X i never understood why does he has a Demon Wing in KH1,first i tough it was just a cool acc. but it also gives him a amazing power ,so can someone please explain?
  14. K

    BBS or 358/2 >:D

    Wich one is gonna rock the most!? Birth by sleep to psp oooooooor 358/2 to the DS (im in Birth by sleep side :D)
  15. K

    KHI or KHII?

    :closedeyes: Wich of the KH's had a better Story line in ur opinion? i personally perfered KHI's Story line
  16. K

    KH end?

    when do u think KH gonna end?... or u think it will be like Final fantasy!?
  17. K


    A friend of mine told me that The game wont came to portugal so i could get it out of my mind...is it true!? please tell me its not (and he said the same About Crisis Core)
  18. K

    IS IT TRUE!?

    is it true!? The new KH games are only coming out in japan!? oh man i sure hope not , i would be so depressed for that T_T