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  1. Amata

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Aftermath (RP Thread)

    People rushed to and fro along the miriad of streets in Central, clogging it's thin tributary alleyways and turning it's open squares into rivers of rushing faces. This hustle and bustle was ordinary for Central, but to some it seemed even busier than usual around the Central Military Base. This...
  2. Amata

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Aftermath (Sign Ups and OOC)

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Aftermath Plot This will be set four years after the original anime. I am ignoring Brotherhood because I haven't finished it yet, sorry. Btw the storyline is rough, I encourage everyone who is interested to help me improve it and give suggestions! The unjust war on the...
  3. Amata

    Would Anyone Be Interested In a Collab on a Wolf's Rain or FMA RP?

    Yeah, like the title says. The reason why I say Wolf's Rain or FMA, is because I'm not sure on how popular a Wolf's Rain RP would actually be. All the ones I've been in have died, and that was on forums dedicated to it. :/ Anyway my ideas for a Wolf's Rain one would obviously be the whole...
  4. Amata

    Devil May Cry

    Made this a couple of hours ago, I'm quite happy with it although I think that maybe I could have done better with the smudging on Nero's body... Anywho, C&C please. :)
  5. Amata

    The Watch

    The Watch The pocket watch sat on the table, ticking efficiently on. The dim light in the room shined brightly on it's reflective glass surface, concealing the time shown beneath. The man sitting behind the table poked at it with a jittery finger, his passive face hinting at a great river of...
  6. Amata

    Ultima Confusion

    So yeah, I've been trying to get all the items for the Ultima Keyblade, and I am down to the last three Orichalcum+'s. The thing is, I should only need two. I've it looked up about how you need to clear Atlantica and 100 acre wood for two of them. The thing I am wondering about is, is there...