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  1. Max

    The Trophies and Achievements Thread

    Congrats, dude! It's looking like my 91st platinum is gonna be Yakuza 6, the only trophy I have left is to beat it on Legendary mode, and I'm about halfway through my Legendary playthrough.
  2. Max

    Ace Attorney - 15th Anniversary!

    This and Neo Twewy both come out about a week before my wedding. I want to buy both, but certainly don't think I'll have time for both :/ We'll see. Anyway, this is super hype though, and a physical Switch release in North America! Hell yeah!
  3. Max

    News ► NEO: The World Ends With You boxart + Japanese bundle revealed

    Loved the new trailer, and I also like the new box art! Love how it looks like Neku is holding his 'phones through the hood. Been kinda torn between if I want to grab this for Switch or PlayStation, but I think I'm leaning Switch.
  4. Max

    Newbie here!

    Hey there, dolneth, hope you enjoy your time here and have some great conversations!
  5. Max

    The Roleplaying Tavern - Stop by for a pint!

    I'll think on it, and you go ahead and think on it too and then we can PM our ideas.
  6. Max

    The Roleplaying Tavern - Stop by for a pint!

    I might be willing to get in on something if it catches my interest.
  7. Max

    News ► NEO: The World Ends With You Has Been Rated M in Australia

    It's going to be rated M for "My body is ready."
  8. Max

    News ► NEO: The World Ends With You Has Been Rated M in Australia

    I'm ready for this. Literally anytime, any day Square, give me more TWEWY.
  9. Max

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - June 10th 2021 - Weiss Rises

    I didn't realize no PS5 games have had shared trophy lists, I guess I just assumed some would because of the PS3/Vita/PS4 having many shared lists. I also had a plat just auto-pop for me on Spider-Man Remastered. I played Miles Morales on PS5 because it seemed silly to hundred percent the PS4...
  10. Max

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - June 10th 2021 - Weiss Rises

    So you're telling me to finish platting it on the PS4 version first for the least amount of work for a double plat. Kinda wish it would just be a shared trophy list instead.
  11. Max

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - June 10th 2021 - Weiss Rises

    I'm still here for the Before Crisis chapters. Please let the gacha system not suck the fun out of this game.
  12. Max

    Anime/Manga ► The Anime & Manga Dumping Ground

    The movie looks fantastic, I hope it's in a theater near me.
  13. Max

    Hey Guys!

    Thank you, it's nice to meet you too!
  14. Max

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - June 10th 2021 - Weiss Rises

    If it's at least the quality of Opera Omnia, then I'll be happy enough with it for what it's giving us.
  15. Max

    Anime/Manga ► The Anime & Manga Dumping Ground

    I finished reading Chapter 99 of Demon Slayer last night, holy crap that last arc was so intense! I can't believe I'm so close to the halfway point now, there are still so many upper ranks and mysteries.
  16. Max

    Come up with a game idea that’ll sell horribly

    A Cory in the House sequel to the DS game, only there's no Cory to be found anywhere within the game.
  17. Max

    Forever Entertainment to make multiple remakes of Square games

    This news is super interesting, and I'm also curious what they will be. I like that they're going for 1:1 remakes, it makes me excited to imagine something like Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross getting the Crash N. Sane/Demon's Souls treatment on modern devices. Can't wait to find out what the IP is.
  18. Max

    Hey Guys!

    Nice to meet you too, and thank you! I hope to see you around the forums!
  19. Max

    Ace Attorney - 15th Anniversary!

    I also wonder that. Since the HD Trilogy got stuck with digital only here in the west, I feel like there's a chance the same could definitely happen with these. I'll hold out hope for physical, but if push comes to shove I'll live with digital.
  20. Max

    Anime/Manga ► The Anime & Manga Dumping Ground

    Haha that's what's happening to me! Everytime Tanjiro and the gang face a new conflict I really just want to see it through then and there, but then after I want to see what's next 😂 It really is great, I'm glad I picked it up. I almost tried My Hero Academia, but thought Demon Slayer sounded...