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  1. Max

    Hey Guys!

    So I accidentally just haven't logged on in a long time, and I'm sorry about that everyone. Life really started happening, from a new job to getting engaged and starting to do the family thing, it's been crazy. But I hope everyone's been well and playing some great games lately, and I know we've...
  2. Max

    Telltale Games Closure

    So how about what's been going on with Telltale the past several days? https://www.google.com/amp/s/kotaku.com/telltale-employees-left-stunned-by-company-closure-no-1829272139/amp This seemed to come out of nowhere. So many lost jobs, so many planned games never to see the light of day, and...
  3. Max

    Dark Winged Warrior Sephiroth Help?

    I think I just don't entirely understand this game. So I'm all caught up on the story. Story missions at this point are embarrasingly easy, zero challenge. I'm doing the Dark Winged Warrior event now, had to use a couple continues on Cloud and Hades, but whatever. I get to Sephiroth and Can't...
  4. Max

    Stuck on Mission 660

    I finally got a new phone and have been playing catch up with this game and have never had any real issues until now with mission 660. I have no qualms spending jewels and I have plenty of them saved up. But they're wasted here because, even if I focus solely on the healer, they recover...
  5. Max

    TV ► Looking for Alaska being adapted into a Huli mini-series

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/nerdfighters/comments/8iavla/looking_for_alaska_will_be_adapted_into_an_8/ People have been wondering if this day would come for a long time, especially after the successful film adaptations of The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. Although I...
  6. Max

    What are some of your video game firsts?

    This was a really fun conversation I had with a couple buddies the other day, and I'm curious to hear everyone else's stories. This can range from your first game ever, to your first RPG, etc. I'll start with a list of my first games I've played on each console or handheld (in the order that I...
  7. Max

    .hack//G.U. Last Recode Coming to PS4 and PC

    .hack//G.U. Last Recode Brings Plenty Of System Changes Along With Visual Improvements - Siliconera Umm, yeah, I am beyond excited for this! The whole trilogy on one disc, and it sounds like they're trying to push it out this year. I am so stoked to see a revival for this series, I still have...
  8. Max

    Mark of Mastery

    So, this is something I've talked to a couple of buddies about before, and it always kind of ends with us shrugging and not coming to any kind of conclusion. So, what's with the Mark of Mastery? Why did Aqua and Terra just have a little spar and fight some orbs of light, yet Sora and Riku have...
  9. Max

    Jesse's Big Day

    I never understood why Jesse White had hated me. I hated him because he hated me, that was just how my mind worked. He frequently liked to tease me about my haircut or my shoes, whatever he could pick at. But when he realized he could really strike a cord by making fun of my fat mama, he...
  10. Max

    Persona: Icebound In Medias Res

    I woke up in my bed with a jolt, sitting up and breathing heavily while wiping sweat from my forehead. What was that dream? It wasn't like a dream at all, but a huge rush of events playing out in my head at light speed. My childhood flashed before my eyes, I felt the warmth that came from my...
  11. Max

    Can't Play Anymore

    It was a good ride, but my phone can't do anymore updates. I rode through this game constantly cleaning my phone of garbage and deleting other apps I enjoyed using until I got to the point that I could delete no more and the game still wouldn't update. So faretheewell Unchained X, I will have to...
  12. Max

    I've got a tough choice to make with this one

    As we all know, 2017 is an insane year for gaming, and while that's great, that also came with the knowledge that I was going to have to make some choices. I can't afford more than one game a month, and money being how it is right now even that might change until,summer rolls around. I've come...
  13. Max

    Yakuza Series Discussion - Yakuza Kiwami Hitting NA-EU August 29th

    Sega has always been real shaky when it comes to talk of releasing the Yakuza games outside of Japan, but the fanbase has always persisted and shown it's support, and so far every mainline entry has managed to find its way overseas. Earlier this month, Sega announced that not only would the...
  14. Max

    The Trophies and Achievements Thread

    So there are a number of us that always end up going off and discussing the all absorbing trophies and achievements that have become a staple of modern gaming. One trophy story or gripe can often lead to another, but for fear of going too off topic or making a game's thread all about its...
  15. Max

    Film ► Resident Evil Films

    Our other thread is around 4 or 5 years old I believe, so yeah. Considering the final movie is coming about, I didn't know if anyone else was interested in talking about these now that it's finally coming to a close. I enjoyed the CG movies to an extent, Degeneration and Damnation weren't too...
  16. Max

    My Birth By Sleep Rookie Mistake

    I beat BBS back in the day on PSP, and within the past week finally decided to tackle BBS Final Mix on PS3. I'm a trophy whore, having the platinum on both KH1 and CoM, so I decided I was going for the plat on this. After sinking 50 hours into Terra on Critical and finishing as much of the...
  17. Max

    Eye Patch Accessory?

    Anyone know if there is an eye patch accessory in Unchained X? I almost always put one on my custom characters on games when available.
  18. Max

    "Tweet" and "Like" buttons on posts?

    When did we get these? I just noticed one a minute ago and was like what the heck?
  19. Max

    300 Writing Prompts

    So I picked up a book recently called 300 Writing Prompts from the store Five Under. The book was five bucks, and I'm hoping to complete a prompt a day out of it (no promises though). The prompts in the actual book give me either a page or a half a page to write it within the book, and the goal...
  20. Max

    What is "guilt" in relation to medals?

    I've seen people throwing that term around. No idea what it means.