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  1. Xickin

    What if Kingdom Hearts was partnered with Warner instead of Disney?

    I'd honestly like the world Porky Pig visited that one time to find the last Dodo as a replacement for Timeless River. Also, for the Keyblade I'd make the chain the WB sign without the lettering and the blades look like rabbit ears (with a tumblr lock key design in mind)
  2. Xickin

    What if Kingdom Hearts was partnered with Warner instead of Disney?

    When I was 11, I was obsessed with Kingdom Hearts and wrote my own fanfic, but Disney had nothing to do with it, because I replaced it the characters with me, my friends, and Warner's own original characters. If you were given free reign to this alternate timeline thread I have created, what...
  3. Xickin

    (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Final: Part 1

    So does this make Ephemer Eraqus' family? (I highly doubt that) Or that he eventually handed down the Master Defender and willed it to be given to Brain's bloodline?
  4. Xickin

    KH Shower Thoughts

    Permanently. Never once has the sky changed in KH CoM, KH 2, KH 358/2 Days, or KH 3
  5. Xickin

    KH Shower Thoughts

    So does that mean if the closest world falls to darkness, then the other world is shit out of luck?
  6. Xickin

    Help/Support ► Is anybody else having a hard time in their dating life?

    So a bunch of stuff has changed for me as of late (job, home, life plan [a lot of it due to COVID]). And I just need to ask this: Do you find your dating life has gotten harder if not almost impossible as of late? I've tried every which way over this past year to find love again after I got over...
  7. Xickin

    KH Shower Thoughts

    What are suns in the Kingdom Hearts universe? Suns in our universe are massive balls of fire, and they are our stars. But in KH, the stars are the lights of different worlds, and we never see a sun when we're travelling between worlds. So where and what are suns?
  8. Xickin

    Do you think we will ever get a 358/2 Days remake?

    But that requires actual planning and human effort (which we tend to avoid as a species lol).
  9. Xickin

    Do you think we will ever get a 358/2 Days remake?

    I think I'm one of the few people in the fandom that actually enjoyed 358/2 Days completely, and I'm going to have to say no. It's extra work for the staff who could be focusing on other things. And I think they know 358/2 Days wasn't their best seller. Like I said, personally, I loved it (even...
  10. Xickin

    About translations in our fav games/anime/manga. What do you guys consider good or bad there?

    Legitimate question: Are there more words with the same meanings in the English language than there are Japanese? In some sub translations the Japanese dub will just have an add-on to an adjective beforehand (i.e Super, Awesome etc.), as opposed to English which just gives one adjective (Big <...
  11. Xickin

    Come up with a game idea that’ll sell horribly

    I love your idea because I can imagine hating it. Being a character replacing ALL the pots and grass in any given Zelda game
  12. Xickin

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - June 10th 2021 - Weiss Rises

    I'm so glad I kept my save file. I'm still holding out hope that if you have save data from part 1, it'll either carry over your stats & weapons, or give you a special present.
  13. Xickin

    Come up with a game idea that’ll sell horribly

    An open world adventure game after every boss and antagonist has already been beaten. You're basically living in a mystical medieval setting without any quests or enemies. Everyone is happy to be alive and no one wants to fight with anyone.
  14. Xickin

    Cartoon/TV ► WandaVision

    See I want to believe that, but it's been a whole other story for their original tv shows. Like the Mandalorian for instance.
  15. Xickin

    Introducing... KHInsider Light theme !!!!

    So I have a question: How do I get the scroll option? So far I've either been just using the down arrow key or dragging my mouse. I don't see a bar on the side.
  16. Xickin

    Cartoon/TV ► WandaVision

    You know what makes me a little upset? I have every MCU movie on my iTunes account, but I can't imagine Disney+ putting WandaVision up for sale at all.
  17. Xickin

    Cartoon/TV ► WandaVision

    So I didn't know this, but WandaVision is a combination of two comic series, House of M (Where Wanda changes reality ) & The Family (A story where Vision creates his own Nuclear Family and lives in the Suburbs). I knew about The Family, but I didn't know anything about House of M. I mean, I've...
  18. Xickin

    Can I Give A Youtuber A KHInsider Video?

    So there's this Youtuber called Immensae Games that is playing through ALL the KH games and movies (even the original DS games). He's completely blind to pretty much everything and it's very heartwarming to watch :) Currently, he's at DDD. Now a while ago I made a compilation film using...
  19. Xickin

    When Are You Going To Buy A PS5 or Xbox Series X?

    When I can get one