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  1. Xickin

    What if Kingdom Hearts was partnered with Warner instead of Disney?

    When I was 11, I was obsessed with Kingdom Hearts and wrote my own fanfic, but Disney had nothing to do with it, because I replaced it the characters with me, my friends, and Warner's own original characters. If you were given free reign to this alternate timeline thread I have created, what...
  2. Xickin

    Help/Support ► Is anybody else having a hard time in their dating life?

    So a bunch of stuff has changed for me as of late (job, home, life plan [a lot of it due to COVID]). And I just need to ask this: Do you find your dating life has gotten harder if not almost impossible as of late? I've tried every which way over this past year to find love again after I got over...
  3. Xickin

    Can I Give A Youtuber A KHInsider Video?

    So there's this Youtuber called Immensae Games that is playing through ALL the KH games and movies (even the original DS games). He's completely blind to pretty much everything and it's very heartwarming to watch :) Currently, he's at DDD. Now a while ago I made a compilation film using...
  4. Xickin

    Photoshop For Logo Help

    So I made a logo (hand drawn) took a picture of it, then edited it with photoshop to make it look more digital. My only problem is that because I'm doing it by hand there are unwanted curves and such. I might just not be phrasing it right on Google, but does anybody know of a tool in Photoshop...
  5. Xickin

    Question About Ethnicity When Making Video Games

    So as video game technology improves (i.e. Dead Stranding, Cyberpunk) we see more and more actors getting involved and their likenesses being translated over into characters. But I have a question: in God of War, Kratos is a caucasian male, but his facial expressions and body movement come from...
  6. Xickin

    Help/Support ► Google/Gmail Account Name Switched With Youtube

    So whenever I send an email, it appears to others as my pseudonym "Xickin", but my Youtube account gives out my real name. I tried fixing it on my own, but couldn't find the solution. Does anybody have any ideas?
  7. Xickin

    Riku On The Throne

    I just found this online and I thought it could actually make a great cover for a Riku game (I just wanted to share it with the community) PS There WAS a Xion one too, but it wasn't as good IMO
  8. Xickin

    Opinions on Mortal Shell

    So I like the Souls series, and this Mortal Shell game looks pretty on point to that (I've watched a little gameplay). To all Souls lovers and those who've played this game: Is this worth getting?
  9. Xickin

    Name A Video Game You Know Is Bad But Would've Been A Masterpiece In The Past

    As the Thread's title asks, I'm curious as to what video games you've played that you immediately knew were trash, but think would've done well maybe when you were a kid or even before you were born (within 10 years (Superman 1999 in 1989? No question, as it would've just been seen good in...
  10. Xickin

    Original ► So I'm working on something

    Awhile ago I posted a thread about how I was making a Dark Souls X God of War kind of novel, but since then it's evolved and has turned into more of a Dark Souls - Bloodborne - American Gods - Attack on Titan - Final Fantasy - The Witcher (non-intentional) - Dragon Ball Super (SUPER...
  11. Xickin

    A Good Platform To Post My -Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far- Movie Series

    Well for whomever cares, I ended up finishing my movie! I mixed in some of Re:Mind's cutscenes with the original game (Demyx meeting Riku, Aqua and Ventus' talk with Vanitas with Terranort, and Kairi and Axel's talk with Xemnas), only because I couldn't see why the DLC would change those...
  12. Xickin

    The Master of Master's True Identity *SPOILERS*

    So I found this guy on Youtube who makes some pretty interesting points on what the name of MoM is, what his true motivations are, and why he claims to be "scared" of the darkness. At this point, I'm actually going to believe this theory is true until new information is provided otherwise...
  13. Xickin

    Who died first? Marluxia or Larxene?

    Hi, I posted a similar thread a while back asking in what order the organization members died for the KH3 movie I was making. I made the movie, but not I'm not sure who died first, Marluxia or Larxene. I went Marluxia ➔ Larxene, because the dialogue just seemed to fit better, and the cinematic...
  14. Xickin

    Halloween Medals

    So I didn't know about the classic Halloween Sora, Donald, and Goofy medals being released for the Daily Event thing. Is there any point in keeping them? Like, will they be able to be upgraded like some of the other older medals via having enough copies? i.e. Illustrated Sora A
  15. Xickin

    Help/Support ► How to turn MP3 into Podcasts on MacOS Catalina (10.15)

    As the title says above. I like to take compilations of mp4s, turn them into mp3s, then turn them into podcasts so I don't show up in the Music section of my iPod (because I put it on shuffle and I really don't want VaatiVidya coming up when I'm working out) I've scoured the internet and I just...
  16. Xickin

    DLC [Potential Spoilers]

    So I heard from an (unreliable) source by word of mouth that something was announced that said that Sora and Riku would escape Shibuya world by the ned of KHIII DLC so they could move onto its next iteration in IV. Now, I'm always a skeptic, but if they're in Shibuya World, then where in the...
  17. Xickin

    Film ► Avengers Endgame Extended Cut Release Date

    Hi, does anybody know when and if they will be releasing Avengers Endgame Extended Cut (the one they released in June with extra content) on DVD or downloading sites like iTunes? I just want to know if I should wait, or just get my copy tomorrow. I've already tried googling and looking at other...
  18. Xickin

    In Which Order Should The Organization Members Be Taken Out?

    I'm making a movie for KH 3, and I'm at the Keyblade Graveyard, and I'm having some conflicting feelings as to who belongs where on the kill list. 1. Sora would definitely help his closest friends first, so Riku seems to be the obvious first path. I definitely think it should go: Xigbar -> Riku...
  19. Xickin

    Keyblade and Formchange Info.

    So I haven't seen a lot of information concerning the stats and abilities I've wanted to over Kingdom Hearts III's Keyblades and Formchanges, so I've compiled some info from other sites and a LOT of info from my own play-through. If anybody's interested, these are accurate descriptions of...
  20. Xickin

    I'm working on a story

    As the title says I'm working on a Dark Souls - God of War type story and I wanted you guys to critique the intro dialogue I've written. I want to know what you think of it (if it's a cool idea worth pursuing) and whether or not you would take a glance at the rest of it as i write. It's called...