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  1. Lanydx reborn

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Side Story: Project Deku

    Kingdom Hearts Side Story: Project Deku 1. Clone Blues. The Castle was cold, hollow, full of fractions and battle damage. On the inside it was one long white on white floor plan with fake flower boxes. The winding staircases leading to memory-based illusions. Small pocket worlds on showing...
  2. Lanydx reborn

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

    Oh sweet Lord, my prayers have been answered. I'm hoping for some new content, controls, and some adventuring with friends online. Pick your tribe, and go out to save your villages and later on the world from the poison mists and the monsters. Really wonder what they'll do to update it...
  3. Lanydx reborn

    Fanfiction ► Negaishipping Family Snippets. (Pokemon Black and White Rebirth Universe.)

    Negaishipping family snippets. 1. A father and son talk. Ash Ketchum, loved everything about his life right now. He was a well respected Pokemon Trainer, He was married t the love of his life Iris. They had many pokemon from his travels across the regions. While she was Grand Champion of...
  4. Lanydx reborn

    Fanfiction ► One Punch Frisk. ( UnderTale Pacifist continuation.)

    One Punch Frisk (Cause I couldn’t think of anything that ended with tale for a title.) Chapter Zero: A miracle for a pacifist. “I’ve saved everyone but you two, but there’s got be something I can do.” A thought, a prayer, a wish was brought into existence. A lone human child...
  5. Lanydx reborn

    Fanfiction ► Kairi's gifts. (Gift from MegaWallflower.)

    Kairi’s gifts for Zaria. Happy Birthday. Kairi was loving today, today being her birthday after all. On the sandy, sun kissed, crystal clear warm watered shores of Destiny Island.Her family, adopted, and newly made, close friends FROM home, newly made friends from her first real adventure...
  6. Lanydx reborn

    Fanfiction ► A Chaotix sheep Caper (A Sonic Freedom side story.)

    A Chaotix Sheep Capper. Part One. At the Emerald Coast, everyone was enjoying the beach weather. None more so than the Chaotixs Detective Agency, after solving some crimes that actually made them some cash. So a rewarding day off was nice... and the AC in the office was broken. Vector the...
  7. Lanydx reborn

    Fanfiction ► Sonic Freedom.

    Sonic Freedom by Lanydx reborn Sonic Freedom is a new Sonic universe that adapts stories, and characters from the games, the TV shows, and the comics. Along with characters and settings from other Sega games, like Nights. Phantasy Star, Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, Panzer dragoon, and even...
  8. Lanydx reborn

    So more then two party members. Or a better party system.

    Since Kingdom Hearts 1, We've had the party system. In 1, Com, and 2 we've had Donald, Goofy, and a guest Disney character of whatever world is feeling like giving one. In 358/Days, you could have four party members. In Birth by Sleep the story was split between Aqua, Ven, and Terra, but you at...
  9. Lanydx reborn

    Fanfiction ► Sam The Black Cat: A Sonic OC one shot...or maybe more...whatever.

    Sam the Black Cat: A Sonic The Hedgehog OC one shot..or maybe more. Who knows right now? Sam: Yo, Writer, do ya gotta say the name already? Anyway, the Sonic universe belongs to Sega, and Sonic Team. This is for fun, the Writer doesn’t make a dim. Blah, blah blah. Enjoy, fave and review. We...
  10. Lanydx reborn

    Fanfiction ► Pokemon: Black and White rebirth

    Pokemon Black and White: Rebirth. Chapter 0: If we could talk with the Pokemon The young fourteen-year-old Ash Ketchum was lying in bed in his room, watching TV and petting his Pokemon and best friend, the yellow red-cheeked lightning mouse, Pikachu. This had been his first Pokemon and the...
  11. Lanydx reborn

    Hi I'm back i guess

    No I'm not dead. Lanydx reborn doesn't die..I just turn into ash for a while. Anyway Im back. School has been taking my time and I've been on Deviantart mostly. Just thought I had to get away. Anyway I have few new chapter for my old tics and a new pokemon fic. Im not sure if it's good to be...
  12. Lanydx reborn

    Fanfiction ► Lanydx Reborn's fanfic update, also Idea thread.

    Hello, Friends, LR here, your blind writiing mad man. Anyway I figured I'd join the ban wagon and do my own little idea thread to see if people would wanna see my stuff. (cause I have to %$&#ing beg to get anyone on this site to read anything I write.) Ok ok ok FF RoF is updated. KH This is...
  13. Lanydx reborn

    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Renegades of Fate (Remake)

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Renegades of Fate On a world covered in a poisonous mist known as the Miasma. It can only be repelled by giant crystals. However these crystals must be powered by the water of life, given by Myrrh trees. The five tribes of Clavat, Yuke, Lilty, Selkie and...
  14. Lanydx reborn

    Order of the Disabled.

    Are you blind? Are you deaf? Are you mute? Are you stuck in a wheelchair? The join the Order of the disabled. We has cookies.
  15. Lanydx reborn

    The Jesus Christ fanclub. (All are welcome.)

    Here is a club for those of love, respect and admire a man who died for our sins.A man who lived 2000 years ago. A man who was raised from the dead. A man who stood by the outcasts of the world. A man who healed as many people as he could. A man who's best friends were fishermen, tax collectors...
  16. Lanydx reborn

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: This is our story (Remake.)

    Kingdom Hearts: This is our story. By Lanydx reborn Chapter 1. Reconnect Legend has it, there was once only one world. The people were blessed with the light of Kingdom Hearts, however sin had taken form. It turned some people into agents of the Fallen Angel, a being who wanted Kingdom...
  17. Lanydx reborn

    Rage is a beast.

    Rage is a beast. It's not a fun one, not in the least. It looks at you, thinking you are a feast. a fist here, an unkind word there. Then soon your in it's jaws, your flesh will rip . Pretty soon you take a dip. Into a sea of anger and pain. You monster you become will be plain. And so...
  18. Lanydx reborn

    I want what you stole from me!

    You took it from me. Something that people can't see. You took my trust, and to start a bond with someone that's a must. You stole my time, and now it is a bust. You robbed me of my faith in people. Put me in a depression, filled with thoughts of evil. Still you don't care. Both of you...
  19. Lanydx reborn

    Five years...what the hell have I been doing!?

    Hello all you wonderful people on KHinsider! I'm Lanydx reborn, but you knew that already right? I mean you can see the thread is made by me......so yeah. Still a hardcore fan of KH, Sora and Kairi are still my favorite characters. I'm still an anime/cartoon/video game fan. In fact my top six...
  20. Lanydx reborn

    Fanfiction ► A date to remember! A Our KH SoraXKairi two shot fanfic.

    A date to remember! An OurKH SoraxKairi two shot Chapter 1: EarthBound and Getting lucky. By Lanydx reborn "Hey Aqua can we talk?" The brown spiky haired teen hero of the Keyblade looked at his older blue haired Keyblade Master after finishing a round of training. Both were very tired...