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  1. Space Cowboy

    TV ► Naoki Urasawa's Monster TV Adaptation

    Guillermo Del Toro Is Hatching A 'Monster' Of A Series At HBO - Deadline.com I am very interested in this, especially if Del Toro is helming it.
  2. Space Cowboy

    Anime/Manga ► Assassination Classroom

    Relatively new series by mangaka Matsui Yuuhei, best known for his series Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. It started around June and has been rocking Japan with sales that no-one expected. Apparently Jump underestimated the interest and hadn't prepared in terms of how much they printed. But it's had...
  3. Space Cowboy

    Sket Dance

    n4z4_FtTTuo Great series that is running in Shonen Jump currently, at the moments its on its 180th Chapter with 144 translated and the anime started a few weeks ago. First read it on the recommendation of Rali and its just a brilliant series. Has a brilliant balance of hilarious chapters and...
  4. Space Cowboy


    Relatively new series running in JUMP at the moment, about 20 chapters have been released so far. I'm a bit sketchy due to the translators being a bit slow due to raws and stuff. Been very well received in the rankings, getting high placings nearly every week and managed to get a mention in...
  5. Space Cowboy

    Kaiji Second Season Announced

    Kaiji Gambling Manga Gets 2nd TV Anime Series - Anime News Network This is a glorious day ;-;
  6. Space Cowboy

    h-h-hey...its not like its my b-birthday or anything...baka

    yeah. reached the ripe old age of 20. pity i've had to spend 5 hours of it in an audio edit suite cleaning up after my group. but alas.
  7. Space Cowboy

    Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney

    I don't think I'm the only one who would be looking forward to this. ??????VS???? ????? gufhYicCUs4 Coming soon for the 3DS.
  8. Space Cowboy

    The Social Network.

    hq27k6njR40 David Fincher is directing a film about the founders of Facebook. Even upon seeing this trailer, I still have no idea what to think of it. On the one hand, its David Fincher one of my favourite directors so I have a lot of faith in him. On the other hand, I'm having real trouble...
  9. Space Cowboy

    o wow

    Turns out last week on the 7th it was 2 years since I joined this place. well what do you know. heres to a few more amirite?
  10. Space Cowboy


    Its far too early to tell where this series will go as it only has one chapter out and a oneshot featuring same characters. http://www.mangatoshokan.com/read/SWOT/Red-Hawk-Scanlations/1 Loved the oneshot and loved the first chapter. Reminds me of Beelzebub somewhat whilst still seeming fresh...
  11. Space Cowboy

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    kjt4vhSqtFQ Realised there wasn't a thread on this yet. Felt there needed to be one. Film based on the graphic novels. The film is directed by Edgar Wright, so I have faith in this, despite starring Michael Cera of whom I'm not the biggest fan of.
  12. Space Cowboy

    Arakawa Under the Bridge

    An interesting series from the latest season of anime. sKcS9jAU4RA MBJcW02jgQE First episode was a disappointment compared to the hype I had created myself for how random and bizarre the series could be, but as the series goes on I've found that the series has found its stride and I'm loving...
  13. Space Cowboy

    Anime/Manga ► Toriko

    Taken from onemanga. Cool Shounen series thats been out for awhile, I recently picked it up and its a good solid series. Makes you really hungry whilst reading it though. I'm about half way through its current 94 chapters and going.
  14. Space Cowboy

    Them Crooked Vultures.

    Supergroup made up of Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. yQ6arQ-qK34 Pretty cool stuff.
  15. Space Cowboy

    so uh...death note is pretty shit.

    8th-Grade Sydney Boy Reported for Making 'Death Note' - Anime News Network Didn't know where to post this without resorting to making a thread for the manga itself....and none of us want that again. Just thought I'd post it up due to the retardation...
  16. Space Cowboy


    Vagabond Manga - Read Vagabond manga scans online. Just began reading this series today, on about the 15th chapter of so far nearly 300 but this series is definatly worth a read. The artwork on it is something great too.
  17. Space Cowboy

    fall season is looking kinda shitty

    Fall 2009 Anime Lineup I'll probably watch Fairy Tail and perhaps Trapeze and thats it. And stay the hell away from Inuyasha.
  18. Space Cowboy

    Kanye West declares himself new 'King of Pop'

    But I thought he was a gay fish. After Jackson death Kanye West declares himself new King of Pop / Scrape TV - The World on your side
  19. Space Cowboy

    Arctic Monkeys

    Surprised there wasn't a thread on these guys already. Anyway, new album Humbug is out at the end of August. Looking forward to it anyone? Also, new video for the first single Crying Lightning is out. P1TNAojWeg8 Good song, pity about the video.
  20. Space Cowboy

    Offline for a bit.

    Yeah, my computers being a right total bastard which probably means I won't be on as often in the coming days, perhaps even weeks. Not sure why I'm telling anyone, but yeah.