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  1. OniiMike

    What if the Black Box is a black box? My thoughts about it.

    Hi, I've been thinking a lot about the black box. And I've come to a conclusion that may seem ridiculous, but it might fit. What if the Black Box is a black box? Why have I thought this? Well, in an interview to Nomura also uploaded to KHInsider...
  2. OniiMike

    Can this scheme be accurate?

    Before starting, it should be said that I do not seek to discover the plot of the new saga, but rather try to clarify the chronology of the events so far and how Quadratum fits into this whole plan. I recommend having this diagram on another screen, to be able to follow the explanation...
  3. OniiMike

    I´ve Made that "Time/Space" line figuring out.... Can it be accurate?

    Hi, I've been thinking about how Quadratum (Yozora's World) fits into KH. And I have finally made this "bad diagram" to try to put the ideas in order. Could this be accurate? I would appreciate corrections. Thanks. PD:crossed Keyblades represents Keyblade wars on KHuX and KHIII. And Riku Journey...