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    Anime and Manga...For Real?!

    Okay, this is an idea I just thought of: Everybody's heard of anime or manga, right? Well, what's about to happen was surely unexpected. One night, after watching or reading your favorite anime or manga, you fall asleep, exhausted from the previous long day. When you wake up, you realize things...
  2. C

    ~*~Invader Zim RP~*~

    Hello, and welcome to my Invader Zim roleplay!^_^ The setting is a basic insane-filled day as Zim tries to take over planet Earth Rules -All forum rules apply -Keep cursing to a minimum -This is Invader Zim; the less sane the better! -Post 'Rubber Piggy' on your first post so I know you read...
  3. C

    Teen Titans: A City Lost

    Teen Titans: A City Lost((Please join, need people badly!!!)) Setting: The Teen Titans' enemies have grown to an enormus number! The HIVE accademy has been excepting huge amounts of students and baddies have swamped the city! The Titans have been forced to flee and go into hiding. Wanted...
  4. C

    Harvest Moon ((Under construction!!))

    Harvest Moon Welcome to my Harvest Moon Roleplay!<3 Kai's Destiny is a small town near a sparkling lake. There are thousands of things to do: shop, fish, work, or just lay around. Whatever you chose!^_^ Right now, there are hearings of a theif sneaking around among the town that is stealing...
  5. C

    The Orphanage(A KH roleplay. Now open, need all originals!)

    The Orphanage(A KH rp, no longer accepting made-ups until we get originals!) Okay, I got the idea for an interesting twist in Kingdom Hearts. The story is that Sora has rejoined his friends on Destiny Islands and all the lost worlds have been restored. Somehow, the KH characters stumble upon a...