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  1. *_Riku_*

    3DS... DATA SORA AGAIN... or Sora and Riku's MOM exam

    if you actually thought about what I said i was agreeing.... And the Riku part was just a theory.... My god...
  2. *_Riku_*

    3DS... DATA SORA AGAIN... or Sora and Riku's MOM exam

    honestly he said that we wouldn't be familiar with sora in KH 3ds... To me it sounds like it means we might just play as riku instead or if he ment we were going to play as sora but not just familar with him well have we seen him before the end of KH II No just in Com at the end scene where it...
  3. *_Riku_*

    What Bosses did you get stuck on?

    Heres a tip Captain Hook You Can block All His Attacks Almost Braig You Can Block All His Laser Attacks Even The One Where He Locks On To You Anyways to all of you guys The only way i could do VS was with that rock glitch. And MF Isn't that hard don't let him intimidate you Once you find an...
  4. *_Riku_*

    Which character are you best with?

    I gotta say terra I'm so used to him that i can dodge MF and VS's Attacks >.> Only thing i hate about him is his slowness
  5. *_Riku_*

    Boss thoughts

    The dark Guardian fight was easier because you dealt more damage but if he did some damage it would do 40% HP to your health. Anyways For like the first and secret bosses they made them really hard this includes Terranort With aqua and Terranort with Terra >.> The only random boss challenge was...
  6. *_Riku_*

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Don't you think its a little odd when one of his attacks he hits you and your commands turn into cards like in Chain of Memories?
  7. *_Riku_*

    What Bosses did you get stuck on?

    I can't say Mysterious Figure was all that hard took me 3 retries all i had to do was keep dodging till he ending that fire swearly thing and pound him with thunder and fire surge. I'd have to say its taking my over 10 retries on the mirage arena Keepers Of The Arena Course and I'm stuck on Iron...
  8. *_Riku_*

    BBSFM mirage arena has a MONSTRO stage + ventus new keyblade + other general info

    Exactly why i wrote that >.> He went through 2 reporters that asked him if he was going to make a FM He said no to all of them and now that all the Japanese comments come in hes all like ok FM! It kinda pisses me off that japan gets more stuff then any other country gets I'm sorry to say. Game...
  9. *_Riku_*

    BBSFM mirage arena has a MONSTRO stage + ventus new keyblade + other general info

    Well it has happened before if i'm not mistaken. Anyways as long as its coming to the US to >.> I'll take back my comment xD
  10. *_Riku_*

    BBSFM mirage arena has a MONSTRO stage + ventus new keyblade + other general info

    So let me get this straight. Japanese Kids are bitching because in the first time ever we have a better Game then them and the extra bitching is because its Kingdom Hearts? Dude they get everything better then us there like the very first people to get to see the crap and have a better version...
  11. *_Riku_*


    In the secret Cutscene i found a few theories that may be true or may not be some of you well disagree because you have your own theories but i have mine and i would like to share them. When Sora says "I am who I am Because of Them" Do you think that may be a letter telling him about Ven, Aqua...
  12. *_Riku_*

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    You need to beat the final episode. Standard: 100% Completion of everything. Proud and Critical: Completion of All Scenarios And Have All Reports (honestly after fighting terranort on final episode I wouldn't even bother with MX hes probably to hard xD. Either that or Terranort is hard with...
  13. *_Riku_*

    Mysterious Figure's Identity? (Theory)

    wow it sounds like everyone elses theory >.> NO! Hes a one time thing boss
  14. *_Riku_*

    -eye twitch- Whoever invented Ice Cream Beat needs to be shot.

    Fruit Ball is actually pretty fun and easy its just like tennis
  15. *_Riku_*


    Lol ive been using aqua and ive been using her destiny islands Keyblade. Dark Void, Treasure Grove, Up to treasure Grove i didn't no i could do that
  16. *_Riku_*


    Yep. But there was more then just one cutscene of that so it may be the 2nd
  17. *_Riku_*


    Oh im really sorry i thought you where talking about the last cut scene for aqua. Yes it was a cut scene its in aquas story mode right after destiny islands
  18. *_Riku_*


    Only aqua yen sid and king mickey were in it. so No it wasnt a cut with terra and qua but with king mickey and aqua yesh
  19. *_Riku_*

    Whoa, glitch noticed

    I replayed the cutscene 5 times. And it finally did it xD Its kinda weird though xD
  20. *_Riku_*

    Issue With Birth By Sleep

    Wow it worked.... Thanks man But I did call gamestop And my battery expired. So I'll need a new one anyways Thank You!