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    Tales of Symphonia: The Animation

    A lot of people don't know about Tales of Symphonia being made into an animation, so I thought I'd make a topic. I seem to like some of the more obscure animes ^^; Anyway, Tales of Symphonia: The Animation is consisted of four episodes, or is even considered an OVA since each episode exceeds...
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    Romeo x Juliet

    OMG, I cannot believe that NO ONE has posted a thread for this Anime! If you enjoyed reading Romeo & Juliet or just enjoy tragic love stories, then Romeo x Juliet is for you! Description: Lord Montague organizes a coup d'etat against the Capulet family. In the end, he manages to kill the entire...
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    Did they ever explain about Kairi being a princess???

    I just finished the game, and realized that they never really told us more about Kairi and her past. Like, in the first game we get a hint that she's from "Hallow Bastion" and that she's one of the princesses of heart, but they never told us as to why she is a princess. Who were her parents? Did...
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    Question about when you die...Spoilers?

    Nevermind...my question is kind of spoiler-ish. Lock this whenever >_>
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    Kingdom Hearts II Premier Party???

    According to .Oathkeeper. there was a premier part in LA for Kingdom Hearts II yesterday (3/23/06) and I was wondering if anyone can find any pictures, because I can't >_>
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    *longer Sanctuary Trailer...spoilers*

    Yes it's here, a longer version of the trailer...it's not that great, but at least we can get a better feeling as to how "Sanctuary" sounds; and yes, there are spoilers which is why I posted it here. Anyway, here are the lyrics, I've picked up by listening to the trailer over and over: In you...
  7. C

    Namine&Her drawings Theory--Please read if you've played the game!

    I don't know if this has already been mentioned, but I was wondering if what Namine draws, is what happens to the characters? Like in the opening trailer we first see her drawing the spiral staircase with all the heartless and then it leads to Sora who's all of a sudden on the staircase with...
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    ***Mickey (Spoilers!!)***

    Here's the link to download some Mickey gameplay footage, thanks to Ultimania! http://files.filefront.com/Mickey_Battle_videoavi/;4513888;;/fileinfo.html
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    ***spoiler -- New Playable Character - With Proof***

    Thanks to LightSora93 on the Ultimania forums, he has found a picture of Mickey...and it's not any picture, it's the picture when you're using a playable character! Here's his post: sometimes during a Boss fight, when you die, and hit "I won't give up," insted of, "I can't do this," (Continue...
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    ***major Spoilers...read On If You Dare***

    http://www.khforums.com/index.php?showtopic=17461 Highlights: -The difficulty levels are "Beginner", "Standard", and "Proud". -During the Awakening, you can raise your Attack, Defense, or Magic by one. -Roxas is officially Sora's Nobody, as if anybody still had any doubts. -Naminè has...
  11. C

    LIVE PERFORMANCE of Passion!

    Here's a live performance of Utada Hikaru performing Passion! http://rapidshare.de/files/9074525/Utada_Hikaru_-_Passion__CDTV_2005.12.10_.avi.html (Thanks to d2punkrock4thisw on the KH Ultimania Forums) EDiT 1: She may not sound as good during her live performances but at least we know she's...
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    ***spoilers*** New Translations For The New Scans!!!

    Original Source: Soras Domain Kairi Scan: - Kairi's letting a message in a bottle go out to sea - Scan with backs of Selphie and Kairi, Selphie talking: Was there ever a kid like that? -Kairi (old): But, even if we're far apart, I know we'll meet again. Mickey Mouse (Org Cloak) Scan: -Mickey...
  13. C

    **NEW interview with UTADA HIKARU and the making of PASSION**

    Passion really started about a year and a half ago. It's because it was the theme song to a game that it was made so early. From this time onwards I was getting info (in the way of subject matter). Like, say, just simple pictures or video clips from Kingdom Hearts II. These things said to me...
  14. C

    ***New SILVER FORM SCAN for those who haven't seen it yet***

    Apparently these scans are rather exclusive and this website is one of the first to receive the new scans: http://img302.imageshack.us/img302/7615/181050qg.jpg -- Sora in his Silver Drive form http://img302.imageshack.us/img302/9348/181064bq.jpg -- Kairi seen in her new outfit that we've...
  15. C

    **childhood Drawing In Trailer...foreshadowing To Relations With Organization???**

    I was watching the new trailer and I noticed around the 4:01 (four minutes and one second) mark there's a drawing that looks like it was drawn when one of the characters was younger and also looks a lot like the drawings in the secret place on Destiny Islands, which has led me to think that Sora...
  16. C

    ***brand New Keyblade Reveiled*** With Proof!!!

    When first saw the new PV trailer I spotted a new keyblade while Sora was in his drive mode and thanks to someone named Paul from the Ultimania comments section, he was able to freeze the trailer and circle a pretty clear shot of the new keyblade...here's the link...
  17. C


    here's the new info... - BHK has a dream about Sora which he observes - The Twilight Town map was released in the Ultimania Alpha - Rumor: Apparently Sora's Keyblade is from the world of Light and Mickey's is from the World of Darkness. - There's a scene where Sora and Heine "act" together -...
  18. C

    NEW INFORMATION RELEASED -- BHK's REAL name and so much more!!!

    I received this information in an e-mail and I'm not sure why it hasn't been posted on this site yet, but for those who don't receive the email from KHInsider then here's the information: - The blonde haired kid's name is Roxas. - The beginning of the game, you will choose yet again between...
  19. C

    A NEW Unconfirmed Promotional Trailer!!!

    Although this trailer doesn't seem to have any new scenes except for the appearance of some new Nobody, there has been more information released about this trailer that was shown at the Square Enix shop. Here's the information: A BHK scene -Voice Over: You do not exist, understanding this might...
  20. C

    Click here for Japanese and "English" lyrics for Passion

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but I went back to previous posts and there hasn't been a thread with the Japanese Lyrics so I thought I'd post them... Japanese 思い出せば遥か遥か 未来はどこまでも輝いてた 奇麗な青空の下で 僕らは少しだけ怯えていた 懐かしい色に窓が染まる 前を向いてればまた会えますか 未来はどこへでも続いてるんだ 大きな看板の下で 時代の移ろいを見ていたいな 二度と会えぬ人に場所に...