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  1. *_Riku_*


    In the secret Cutscene i found a few theories that may be true or may not be some of you well disagree because you have your own theories but i have mine and i would like to share them. When Sora says "I am who I am Because of Them" Do you think that may be a letter telling him about Ven, Aqua...
  2. *_Riku_*

    Issue With Birth By Sleep

    When ever i play birth by sleep for about a half an hour. My Psp Slim Shuts Down Randomly. Im getting pretty sick of me just leaving it on the AC Adapter to let it charge so it won't shut down. My sitting for config is 64 BIT Faster Gameplay And that option that takes more of your battery but...
  3. *_Riku_*

    BBS Getting Confusing Now...

    Ok im not talking about the story but the commands... I just got firestorm after beating the 2nd boss yesterday (mirror on the wall) but how do i equip it? xD Im looking for it everywhere but i can't find it xD And my second question D: Whats the strongest Skill (so far i recomend strike...
  4. *_Riku_*

    Hi D:

    Hi D: I'm riku or something? And I like cookies D: Lol jk Hi im a new member D: ive been playing KH sense 2005 or 2006 ever sense the first game came out and played all the other games. Including Final Fantasy D: Final Fantasy i have only played I, II, And Dissidia Pwnage btw D: I...