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    Small but curious questions in the established canon

    It would be more accurate to say this were some sort of "mysteries" thread but I feel that word is incompatible considering the series is a fantasy; just that there are a lot of curious questions. It's mostly self-rambling when I'm not preoccupied with real life matters or other fictional works...
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    Vision Protection

    Let’s be real. You game, I game, we all game. We’re all in a video game forum and facing the screen right now. I had laser surgery around nine to ten years ago and until now my vision is 20:15. However, since these are an investment and I probably won’t do a laser touch up until I’m like forty...
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    Hi, sort of new but not really, so I'm re-introducing.

    Hi, I've been here for a few weeks already, but it never occurred to me to make an introduction thread. It's probably because I had a different account here since, I dunno, 2007-2008 but I forgot the password for it. Anywho, I'm Idreamaboutcats, and I dream about cats. Hurray! Nice to meetcha!