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    Tutorial: Cross-Process Effect

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    Darky Dee's Sundries

    Don't care if you judge, critique, write shit about this-- if anything I'd find it humorous cause most of you really suck. Chances are that most of these were given to people, so if you want to wear you should ask. I'll try to display which ones are taken. Advance critiques are encouraged...
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    Ivalice Alliance

    Before you read on in this thread, you are warned that this thread may contain major spoilers in Final Fantasy games such as: Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics (Lion War), Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Final Fantasy A2: The Secret of Grimorie, Vagrant...
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    Dawn of Mana

    Wiki-ism Description: Wiki-ism Gameplay Wiki-ism Plot: I read in my new EGM mag that came in today. They stated that Dawn of Mana will be very much like Kingdom Hearts II. I found that a little hard to believe. That would be very unlike the Mana series to do, but it would be nice.
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    5g³- Assignment Two: Pressies

    Members of the clan 5g³ are to make a fellow clan member a pressie. We are to make a pressie for one person who has not been taken yet. Sign up here. Theme is freestyle. Taken: _Odin_ (by Kouji-kun) Darky Dee (by Shinoda_Ex) Keyblade416 (by _Odin_) Kouji-Kun (by Silh) Prodigy Keyblade (by The...
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    Spice World

    FRIENDSHIP NEVER E ⋅ N ⋅ D ⋅ S -members- Aly-chan- n/a Angel Shards- Team Posh Darky Dee- Team Ginger Dogenzaka- Team Posh Face_Down- Team Baby Link_Zelda- n/a MegaFlare- Team Ginger monkeybutt-Team Baby TheMuffinMan- Team Sporty Prodigy Keyblade- Team Ginger Raito- n/a TwilightSora- Team Posh...
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    Sex and the City- Movie

    I am so confident that most of the forum population is familiar with HBO's Sex and the City, so discuss away! LOL Kidding, end rant. If there really are fans out there, like VersionX, discuss. ------------------------------------------- The movie was said to be cancelled, but new reports are...
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    It's Official, Quitejaded Turns 18!

    Yes, yeah. LOL, few minutes away from her birthday. She's amazing, you got to love her, you don't have an option. Happy Birthday! I totally love you. <3
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    Hollywood's Hottest People

    Who do you think is the hottest person to walk the red carpet? And why?
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    Death by Degrees

    --Open topic about Namco's Death by Degrees game, featuring their feme fatal, Nina Williams.-- Is it me, or do the environments seem like they need alot more detail. Cause I've seen some screens of them, and it looks like Tekken's fighting/adventrue genere featured in previous Tekken titles...
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    Bidding Farewells

    I am sorry to say this, but I too am going to resign as well. I bid you all a farewell. I shall join MegaFlare, Andrew, heartlesshunter, and New2Ya. See you Tanty. It was nice having you as a mod. Bye all of you fun people that are staying. Jusmel, firekitty, DarkSSJ, Jesus_Freak, and Elyric. I...