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  1. KeybladeLordSora

    General ► Do you ever just really despise your siblings?

    Like to the point of wanting to beat the everloving crap out of them because of how much of a jerk they are? I know I do with my older brother. He's just such a piece of garbage with barely any redeeming qualities that I just want to go ballistic on him every time he tells me to shut up for no...
  2. KeybladeLordSora

    Keyblade Transformations and Form Colors

    So after reading one of the posts on Echoecho6's topic about drive forms and keyblade transformations, I thought of this. Since Keyblade transformations are likely mixed with drive forms, let's open our imagination tanks[or something like that]and think about this. Pick a keyblade, think of a...
  3. KeybladeLordSora


  4. KeybladeLordSora

    Good ol' ignorant Facebook comment

    *slow sarcastic clapping*
  5. KeybladeLordSora

    The truth

  6. KeybladeLordSora

    Oh god

    Professor Utonium was Yoshikage Kira the whole time. Oh crap, I revealed his identity. i'm gonna end up having to bite za dusto
  7. KeybladeLordSora

    I got the needwagon.

    The needwagon for speedwagon.
  8. KeybladeLordSora

    Aqua waht are you doing.

    Aqua pls
  9. KeybladeLordSora

    Anyone remember this piece of pure ART?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8xoTBZrzko I do.
  10. KeybladeLordSora

    what a beautiful Duwang

    chew there must be no other place as pretty as this town chew this feels like a p i c n i c CHEW
  11. KeybladeLordSora

    A poem

    Roses are red Violets are neato You thought this was a poem....
  12. KeybladeLordSora

    Potential Xemnas Boss Battle in KH3 predictions/ideas

    Okay, so here's a topic that just came into my head after going through the old E3 2016 predictions thread while listening to Darkness of The Unknown. So we all know that we'll probably have one last fight against our old pal Xemnas in KH3, and it's probably going to be awesome. What would you...
  13. KeybladeLordSora


    Last year: So.....place your bets everyone. How confused will he be once he plays KH3?
  14. KeybladeLordSora

    Is the FFXV team really going to be moved to KH3 once FFXV is released?

    I've been hearing this around KH13 for a bit, and I just want a straight answer and not a random video of a guy saying it's gonna happen. People have been saying that once FFXV is completely done and released, the team working on it will be moved to help with KH3. Is this true or not? Because...
  15. KeybladeLordSora

    Let's learn about the universe

  16. KeybladeLordSora

    Gee...it sure is boring around here.

  17. KeybladeLordSora


    Kingdom Hearts: Legend of the Keyblade - IMDb Needs more James Earl Jones.
  18. KeybladeLordSora

    All this trailer nonsense is turning us into animals...

    First it was the embargo, then the rumor, followed by "Trailer release TBD", and now "We didn't announce any trailer release". And during all that we've either been trying to stay calm, or preparing to rip throats out. And all because of a TRAILER. And thanks to all those things and our...