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  1. PowerOverNothing

    What does Xigbar say?

    Okay, this is going to be probably the strangest request that has ever graced this fourm, but please bare with me. I'm not crazy, I just am "Insanely curious". Lawl. 8D Please don't kill me. Just a humble question. So the story is that I've been doing a little research for an essay of mine...
  2. PowerOverNothing

    ~♥~(The Roa FC)~♥~ "Perky, Kind and Sweet"

    ~♥~Roa Fanclub~♥~ "Perky, Kind And Sweet" (Made by our lovely fellow member June.) (Lookit. Even Marly approves of you, LM. >:D) (Moar Graphics To Be Added. <3) ~♥~Some of Her Favorite Music~♥~ ~♥~Owner and Creator~♥~ PowerOverNothing (Aka Ponnie) ~♥~Members~♥~ June (Official...
  3. PowerOverNothing

    Xigbar = Secondary Guardian? -Mother's Theory (Days spoilers?)-

    Another one of my late night posts. Oh well, I hope you guys don't mind it, at lest I'm becoming less shy in relation to making threads. I suppose it's just the fact that the first time I tried to post a theory, I got flammed out. Oh well! Let's just forget about the past and focus on the now...
  4. PowerOverNothing

    What did Xemnas say?

    It's three in the morning at my home, and I'm staying up late because I'm looking over some older battles from Kingdom Hearts in my cutscene collection and on Youtube. Now see, since I've been replaying Kingdom Hearts II, I've been wanting to try and listen for every battle quote in the game, to...
  5. PowerOverNothing

    Fanfiction ► Ponnie's Organization XIII Oneshots -Updated 2/25/10- (Axel/Xigbar/Roxas Fluff)

    I've been wanting to do something like this for a while now, ever sense I began writing for Org.XIII. But I was far too nervous and shy to really open up a fan fiction thread, that being because I saw everyone else's lovely boards here and I knew that I could never do all the amazing fan...
  6. PowerOverNothing

    Theory regarding Braig and Ventus (Slight Spoilers?)

    Oh boy. *takes a deep breath* First day here and I'm already creating a thread based on a theory of mine. Now I don't know what you guys consider spoilers on these boards, I tried to look around and I hope that you don't think that the things I'm about to say in regards to Days isn't a spoiler...
  7. PowerOverNothing

    *nervously walks in* Hi there. :)

    Huh, hi there everyone. *blushes* I'm new around these parts, but I've been lurking for the better part of a week or more. I saw that this was a really active board for Kingdom Hearts and that it was lively with awesome people, so I decided...why not join up here a few days before the Japan...