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    Remember little Adolf Hitler??

    not too long ago, in a ShopRite foodstore, NJ, there were issues dealing with a family and their child's name written on a cake. if you recall, the child's name was Adolf Hitler Campbell, and the cake was to read "Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler". the cake was denied, and the story made news...
  2. C

    Decline in Broadway Shows

    there are a lot of Broadway shows that are being taken off recently. such plays like Phantom Of The Opera, Hairspray, Spring Awakening, Spamalot, and a bunch more. Also, not too long ago Rent and Beauty and the Beast were taken off, and now Spider-Man is being made into a musical (that's...
  3. C

    When you go to the movies...

    ...what do you normally get to eat/ drink? since prices are really high where I am, I'll usually get a soda. A small bag of popcorn and a small drink is about $8.50, and that's just too much $$. candy is anywhere from $3 to $5 and of course there's those combo meals that cost a lot. so what...
  4. C

    Your Weakness(es)

    so what foods do you consider you weakness(es)? meaning what foods are hard for you to resist, no matter how hard you try? mine's probably chocolate lol
  5. C

    ~*the Colours fanclub!*~

    making an awesome fanclub for my BFF!! post if you want to become a member! Members: Black Rose Neo SufferingAngel Fabula Vir Iridium Patius Leonard Sorachaser555 SuperNova KeyBlade_Masta Midnight Star Infinite Mystery Blue Mr. Brightside MASTER-SEPHIROTH Ven68 ZackCrisisFFVII
  6. C

    What do you find ironic about yourself?

    so what do you find ironic about yourself? aspects, qualities, etc. just list em! for me, one of my favorite TV shows is House, but in reality I'm dead afraid of hospitals. I can't go in there without getting freaked.
  7. C

    Between The Trees

    Anyone listen/ heard of Between The Trees? my friend told me about them, and I think they're pretty good. my favorites are "The Way She Feels" and "White Lines and Red Lights" check them out they're pretty good ^^
  8. C

    away for a few days...

    hey everyone, I'm just letting you all know Monday-Friday I'll be away ^^ I'm telling this because I'll be at a camp...with no internet connection...or anything...so I will be computer-less until I come back I'll see you guys soon ^^ ~Angels
  9. C

    Help/Support ► Love issues...

    let's start from the beginning (as if I'm not crying enough as it is now...) my ex-boyfriend and I began going out last summer, and in February of this year he told me (over the phone) that he wanted more time to himself, so we broke up. I never got over him. I thought I began to, but whenever...
  10. C

    Snow Patrol [Music]

    didn't see a thread for this ^^ anyone else listen to Snow Patrol? I think they're a really good band. their songs, "You're All I Have", "Chasing Cars", and "Hands Open" are my favorites of theirs so, what are your thoughts/ opinions on them?
  11. C

    Fanfiction ► The Raven

    I began this story on another forums website I'm on, but I wanted to share it with you guys as well. Its basically a dream I had a while back, and I'm adding a lot onto it lol. Remember Raven from Teen Titans? Well, it's about her lol. Yes, I had a random dream about the Raven. Anyway, I'm...
  12. C

    What are you watching/ Just watched?

    State whatever you're watching now or just finished watching. **It has to be what you're watching at that moment, not what you will be watching in the near future or the past** Reign Over Me starring Adam Sandler
  13. C

    Cell Phone Issues...

    I have the Verison enV phone. love it lol but today I'm having a lot of problems with it concerning volume. my master volume is set on medium right now, and the keypad volume on medium low. for some reason the keypad will not make any noise. weird enough, when I press the volume button on...
  14. C

    Favorite Musical

    what is your favorite musical? it can be either the show version or the movie. also state why you like the musical, and your favorite song ^^ if you vote for 'other', please state what the musical is ^^ musicals/broadway shows for me are always great. I've loved every one I've seen so far. but...
  15. C

    Fanfiction ► Where It All Began

    hey everyone!! This is the prequel in my series, so this story happens BEFORE A New Journey. Its basically the first game with some twists of my own in it, and also another storyline is being added to it. So here's the prologue, and I hope you enjoy Where It All Began. Where It All Began...
  16. C

    iPod capacity

    question that is confusing me right noww i have an iPod Nano product (Red) 4GB. i believe that this holds 1000 songs? well i have 1007 songs and im wondering if someone knows the correct capacity of songs? and if it is 1000, i'm wondering why i have over the limited capacity.. i have no...
  17. C

    Beauty and the Beast?

    i had a thought. as everyone saw during the KH2 credits, the Beast was no longer a beast. He was human again and the scene was him and Belle dancing. wouldnt it have been cool to see him transform into a human in the next game? instead of just seeing him already as a human, actually witness...
  18. C

    Spring Break...?

    my spring break started today and ends next friday, so the following monday i go back to school. anyone else have/had spring break or is it later on?? unfortunately my spring break isn't exactly what you would call a "break". first, the weather so far is cold (i hate the cold). so the weather...
  19. C

    Tokio Hotel [music]

    I had to. XD has anyone else heard of Tokio Hotel or any of their songs? i think they're amazing. they're my favorite band right now I can't stop listening to them. well, if you have heard of them, what are your thoughts on them and what are your favorite songs/albums?. and if you haven't...
  20. C

    Patrick Swayze

    anyone hear that Patrick Swayze was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer? its soo sad...