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  1. Memory Master

    Could KH3 possibly look like this?

    This is an early screen of Terra from way back before BBS was even announced. Obviously the grapics are more PS3 than they are the PS2 graphics KH has used forever. Do you think this picture is pretty close to the kind of grapics we'll see in KH3? I think the skin texture in the picture...
  2. Memory Master

    Somebody Reconstruction Process

    So we know if heartless is defeated first and then it's corresponding nobody is defeated, the two beings reform into the whole being. That's simple enough to understand. Just a couple of questions though. Where does this reconstruction process take place? I know once a person is whole again...
  3. Memory Master

    What "Birth By Sleep" could have meant

    After completing KH3D this week I was thinking about how I would taken the plot. Today I had interesting idea on what Ansem the Wise could have meant when he spoke of "Birth By Sleep" and how I would have incorporated that idea into the plot. As we know in KH3D Sora falls into the darkness of...
  4. Memory Master

    Some speculation regarding the...

    Lately i've been thinking about the X-Blade. During the Keyblade War it was shattered into 13 fragments of darkness and 7 fragments of light, and the true KH was lost into the realm of darkness. Then the light in the hearts of children came together to forge 7 hearts of pure light which banished...
  5. Memory Master

    Terra and MX

    I was Thinking, MX became whole again after Xemnas and XH were destroyed, right? MX said Terra was among the 13 seekers of darkness, so how did they both become whole if they only had one body: Xemnas? Well the answer is actually very simple. To understand we have to go back to KH1. Sora...
  6. Memory Master

    Ansem the Wise

    As KH3D explained a person with a fragment of MX's heart inside of them will begin to take on features of his appearance (Pointy ears, white/silver/grey hair, yellowish/orangish eyes). Well Ansem the Wise has eyes similar to Xehanort's and i'm starting to think that Ansem the Wise may have...
  7. Memory Master

    I think it's time this was brought up again

    I know it has been since before BBS was released that people have actually discussed this but I figure with all the new info we gained form 358/2 Days, BBS, and Re:Coded, maybe we can come up with some new ideas regarding this topic. The topic is "Unexplained existences in the KH Series"...
  8. Memory Master

    So how did Maleficent do this?

    Okay I know this is really old and maybe this has been answered before, but i've been thinking about it lately and it's bugging me. Can someone please explain to me how the hell did Maleficent come back to life in KH2?
  9. Memory Master

    Finalized Version of this

    I've done it before but I yet to perfect this idea. I said before that while I hope they make me like the time travel thing in a future game (like KH3D made me like the X-Blade concept), for now I still wish they wouldn't have put it in the series, at least not in the Xehanort Saga. But since...
  10. Memory Master

    Some New Ideas I would consider using for KH3D

    Earlier I posted a thread about how they could have forms of Xehanort without using time travel. Well I'm come up with another way they could have done it, that is even far less complicated. I also came up with some other stuff that I think would have fit in well. Okay first things first...
  11. Memory Master

    A less complex alternative

    I've noticed more than a few people are unhappy with the whole time travel twist. Mostly the complaint is that it over complicates things for no reason. So I was bored and thought about the XIII Darknesses, and came up with a less complicated alternative. So I decided to share this just for...
  12. Memory Master

    Dive Sequence Help

    So I got my copy of KH3D the other day and I'm trying to get to The Grid with Sora. However I seem to be having trouble against the octopus boss you have to face during the dive sequence. I'm trying everything I can but I can't even damage it. Anybody know what i'm not doing right here?
  13. Memory Master

    Help/Support ► Web Cam Help

    I'm not sure if this belongs here so if not someone move it. Anyways I was wondering, does anyone have any recommendations for some HQ Web cams? I'm considering getting a new one today, and i'd love to her some recommendations.
  14. Memory Master

    So who was...

    So who was the original X-Blade's wielder? MX said the original X-Blade was like KH's twin and existed with KH. So who was the wielder of the original X-Blade before it was shattered? Any ideas or theories?
  15. Memory Master

    How do atheist deal with the idea of death?

    Okay this is a question that has been on my mind the past couple of days, and i'd like a serious answers, all joking aside. When I look on the internet I find people asking atheist if they are afraid of death because an atheist would not believe in an afterlife and thus to them death is the...
  16. Memory Master

    I'm certain of this now

    We all recall that both Yen Sid and MX saying that the 7 hearts of pure light emerged after the Keyblade War, and Yen Sid even says those hearts were the origin of the current world. Those 7 hearts now belong to the Princesses of Heart. So this pretty much confirms what a few people have...
  17. Memory Master

    Small Theory on the RoS before KH3D's release

    I might as well get this out now before the official explanation is out. Well some people including myself have theorized that the Realm of Sleep is a type of purgatory. I wanted to expand a little on that. We know in the past Nomura has used some Christian themes in the series (The X-Blade...
  18. Memory Master

    A little dream I had about the end of KH3D

    So last night I was snacking on some peanut butter fudge and went straight to bed afterwards, maybe there was something funky in that fudge but I had a dream about the end of KH3D. Xehanort's Heartless, Xemnas, Young MX, and MX were in a dark space. They were gathered around a dark orb with a...
  19. Memory Master

    Why Xehanort is like he is

    Let me start by stating the obvious, most people who become villains do not start out evil, it is very rare for a villain to start out evil. So one has to wonder why the hell is Xehanort evil? Well after examining Xehanort through out the series I may have the answer to this. Let us go all...
  20. Memory Master

    Help/Support ► I feel like giving up

    I've been having alot of trouble with college this year. This is my first year in college and things have been kind of up and down. I'm majoring in political science and when it comes to my history classes, my philosophy class last semester, and my political science classes, I do really really...