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    help locating an online manga store

    just like the title says. I`ve been searching for days for a really good online manga store that sells Matantei Loki & Matantei Loki RAGNAROK manga translated in english by Chuang Yi. So far, i managed to find one site called Manga Island. Except, when i looked at the FAQ, it says that it...
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    iPod Help

    well, i got an iPod Video on thursday, and its already acting weird on me. When I tried to play it today, it worked fine. But once i tried to play a game, the pause button would go off without me touching it and it started to skip songs. So, i connected it to my computer because the...
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    what does the previous userame make you think? game.

    Long title, yes.. but.. >>;; moving on. What you do: You read the username of the person above you and tell what first comes to mind. If nothing.. just say nothing. If you have already been under that person before do not post again unless it's something different. okay? go! man i know this...
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    Man in jail for Anime porn [Hentai]

    IDK... i thought this was just interesting.... ---- http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/article.php?id=8536 The Virginia man who was found guilty of 74 counts of child pornography in November, including several charges related to anime, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. The...
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    Sigh, Utada and her subliminal Messages..SaC

    http://utadahikarusub.ytmnd.com/ i was looking through my bookmarked websites, and i found this! Utada singing out her subliminal messages in SaC... she really does need "Utter sweet love" in this song lol
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    New Jersey State slogans

    yeah, well... i dont live in New Jersey, and when i saw an article about it, i found it hilarious that they wanted a Slogan. Example slogans i found: "New Jersey: Expect the Unexpected," "New Jersey: Love at First Sight," "New Jersey: Come See for Yourself," "New Jersey: The Real Deal"...
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    OMG!! Ahhhhhh a PARIS HILTON MANGA!! ahhh!

    yes yes!! it is all true!! Paris hilton has her ownnn MANGA!! ekkkk!! its the end of the world! xD well...actually.. the art is rather good... sighhh what a waste of talent lol. xD Clik here for more info.
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    Playstation using graffiti ads now?

    I was looking through this article on AOL and something upped my curiosity. Note: All taken from the article. The black-on-white graffiti shows wide-eyed cartoon characters riding the PlayStation like a skateboard, licking it like a lollipop or cranking it like a Jack-in-the-Box. But...
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    HO HO HO CLICK ME TO FOLLOW SANTA! Yes folks! the Santa tracker!!! and no its not a virus. x]
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    Rumored Names for the BHK

    Yeah... so, Xaldin and I were on AIM and are wondering how many BHK rumored names have been posted up. So, if you have heard of any BHK names, please! post them up ! The ones I have heard: Roxas Saxor Aros Kaze-*something xD Forgot lol* bob- I heard it somewhere XD BHK- friend said that his...
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    A hip hop version of Simple and clean

    i have no clue if this belongs here, so if a mod is reading this, can u please move this to the proper place thanks. okay so anyways, i found this simple and clean song, but its hip hop and Utada aint singing it. Its weird but cool. I just wanted you guys to hear it and give me your opinions if...
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    What do like about the NA KH2 site?

    Sorry if this has been posted but... yeah, since the NA version of the KH2 site is up, i wanted to know what u liked about it. All i like is the keychain thing and how u can swing it back and forth lol. oh and the loading screens. Yeah thats cool too XD If u dont know where itis, its...
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    Where's Aerith?

    Im not sure if this has already been discussed but... I was looking at the voice actors from both japanese and english voice actors list for kh2 but i didnt see aerith. Do you think Normura killed her off or something? I havent seen anything of aerith yet... =[ or maybe there was something but i...
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    oh helloo im neww =]

    hello peoples!! i am new here!![Duh] :D hehe! oh, of course i just loveee kh. why else would i be here? anywhoo.. i hope i have fun here in the forums! well... see you all later!!! =D now to eat pocky!