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  1. JH

    Why is BBS vol. II so crucial? *POTENTIAL SPOILERS*

    It worked fine with 3, they've proved they can handle telling stories from multiple angles, and have actually made name doing so. edit: Annnnddd this thread is farther than I am.
  2. JH

    Anyone remember me?

    Hey all, I used to be active here in 2008 or so and I've completely forgotten who I knew here and such. Anyone remember me/think I would know them?
  3. JH

    Epic Mickey (see: not related to kingdom hearts)

    Some art for a game codenamed 'Epic Mickey' was recently released. The art itself looks nothing Kingdom Hearts related, however there has been talks about this image in particular: http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/kotaku/2009/07/castle_dwn_view.jpg People have speculated that the black...
  4. JH

    Discussing 365/2 and mainly Xion...

    I didn't shut you down. If I was to shut you down, I would have said "This theory sucks. Next." Count your blessings.
  5. JH

    Discussing 365/2 and mainly Xion...

    Welcome back. Opinions don't really matter in theories, sorry. Also, Xion's hair is black, not blue. Blue and red mixed makes purple. Regardless, color of the hair doesn't usually matter with Nobodies. (Roxas and Sora, Namine and Kairi) Yeah, they're friends. Memories have obviously been...
  6. JH

    In 358/2...

    We had several flashes of Mikey in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, but his story was never really completely told.
  7. JH

    newest kh therory. NO FLAMES!!!!

    Sigh. This forum hasn't changed at all. I'm done arguing. If you want to take this as a sign that you won, congratulations, go find a medal. This forum just reminds me of how pointless it is to argue over something that no one really has the answer to. For all we know, in the next game Nomura...
  8. JH

    newest kh therory. NO FLAMES!!!!

    Dictators refer all the time that the country is theirs, but that doesn't mean they created it. The machine blew up because of the sheer power and unpredictability of Kingdom Hearts. Hearts alone wouldn't cause the machine to explode.
  9. JH

    newest kh therory. NO FLAMES!!!!

    Kingdom Hearts didn't blow up and kill Ansem the Wise, the machine that was digitalizing Kingdom Hearts blew up, killing him. Why in the world would Ansem the Wise waste his time trying to digitalize power from a fake Kingdom Hearts?
  10. JH

    newest kh therory. NO FLAMES!!!!

    Ansem the Wise managed to put a hole in it with a machine. Xemnas isn't weak, he has quite a bit of power. He can't take control of Kingdom Hearts in an instant, of course, but he can direct hearts to it and eventually take control. They do the exact same thing in the first game, so unless the...
  11. JH

    newest kh therory. NO FLAMES!!!!

    Go look on the cover of the first game. Please. It's Kingdom Hearts. In the shape of a heart. That's not what it's limited to, of course, but that's how it usually appears.
  12. JH

    newest kh therory. NO FLAMES!!!!

    "Normally" being a key word. Kingdom Hearts was manipulated to gather hearts for the Organization. Er, you saw it in the first game, behind the Door to Darkness.
  13. JH

    newest kh therory. NO FLAMES!!!!

    Kingdom Hearts is referred to in the game as the Heart of all Men (or whatever), yes, because it is. In the first game it was described an immense power and the heart of the world, or something of that sort, as it had darkness in it but was overall made of light.
  14. JH

    newest kh therory. NO FLAMES!!!!

    Sigh. The proof is in the game. I have no clue if it's said or not that hearts can or can not go into Kingdom Hearts, but they do in Kingdom Hearts II. Nowhere in the game is it said the it's a fake Kingdom Hearts. A fake Kingdom Hearts wouldn't be able to provide the power that Xemnas was...
  15. JH

    newest kh therory. NO FLAMES!!!!

    Wrong. That's the real Kingdom Hearts. Ansem the Wise attempted to digitally encode it and damaged it. Xemnas enters it, boss fight ensues. Etc.
  16. JH

    newest kh therory. NO FLAMES!!!!

    The Organization never made a Kingdom Hearts. There's one Kingdom Hearts, that's it.
  17. JH

    In 358/2...

    I'm going to have to agree with Auron here. 358/2 Days' focus is around the Organization. Sure, Riku's story is still untold, but there are plenty of opportunities in future games for it to be told.
  18. JH

    Don't Kill the Messenger

    Don't Kill the Messenger Before I begin, I must inform you that where I live is not like where you live. Where you have lush fields of green grass, I have long stretches of cold, metallic floor. Where you have tall, sturdy trees, I have large metal poles with electric charges crawling over...
  19. JH

    Any one gotten a hold of Coded?

    My friend got it and she says she loves it so far.
  20. JH

    Pre Order Bonus with Re: Chain of Memories from GameStop

    I'd pre-order, but I don't see the point when I can just get it for free a few weeks later. Plus, cards? What kind of lame excuse for a bonus is that?