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  1. Athel

    TV ► Urbance

    (Just gonna leave this here.)
  2. Athel


    Blah, pun titles. Now that I'm getting comfortable with digital art, and uploading stuff online again, I figured I could share some of it here. These are 2/6 pieces in a series of Dungeons and Dragons portraits. Click the links for more info. I plan to go into my archives and post more...
  3. Athel

    It's My Birthday!

    So uh, yeah. I didn't know anybody else who'd make a thread for me, so I made this. That's right, I am now 5844 days old! In other words, sixteen. And in commemoration of this birthday, my parents bought me a toy car.
  4. Athel

    A week's worth of art

    + 1 day. So, eight in total. I recently started doing a 'sketch of the day' challenge, and I'm up to eight (probably should have done it yesterday, to make it just a week). Point is, I did 'em. Pity that no one has been looking at 'em. So, posting them here is my backup plan. SotD 4-20 -...
  5. Athel

    Now with ghosts

    qJqQWzygzz8 CSI: Miami keeps getting worse and worse.
  6. Athel

    Superbowl XLIV

    Has just begun. Enjoy the single biggest night of television of the year. (If this belongs more under Sports, feel free to move it.)
  7. Athel

    Happy Birthday to Me

    It probably would have been better if I didn't wake up at midnight thinking it was 6 AM. I'm fifteen now. Yay.
  8. Athel

    [NaNoWriMo] Citizen 357

    Yes, I'm hopping on the NaNoWriMo band wagon too. My novel is chugging along ahead of schedule, and even though I'm blind writing, is turning out to be pretty darn good. So, shall we? ____________________________________________________ Chapter I The Call I got a C on a test. That was enough...
  9. Athel


    Introduction It is said: That when the gods created the land upon which we tread, they created another one A parallel world, like another side of a coin A world where beings of pure light existed To keep in check the darkness of this world And, to keep the two worlds from drifting apart, they...
  10. Athel

    Early Return

    Technically, I'm not really back, as I'm still at my grandparent's house, but I'm using the computer they have. The program was amazing. I met some really great people, had tons of fun, and will always have great memories of it. Though, after three weeks of it, I am excited to be getting back...
  11. Athel

    An Unwanted Absence

    Tomorrow morning at around 6 AM, I'll be getting on a flight to Massachusetts. I'll be visiting my grandparents a few days, before heading down to Rhode Island. I'll be at Roger Williams College in Bristol for a Johns Hopkins, Center for Talented Youth program. For three weeks. After that...
  12. Athel


    Tonight at sundown begins the eight day celebration of Passover. It's the Jewish holiday were we remember the time of the exodus and celebrate our freedom from Egypt. First Seder is tonight, and I'm going to eat till I pass out. Post your Passover plans, experiences or longing for bread. Matzah...
  13. Athel

    I return

    That's right. After a week in Wyoming, I'm back home. All in all, the trip was fun. Hard at times, and I got a massive sunburn, but fun. But yeah, I'm back. Apparently a lot happened. I'll need to catch up.
  14. Athel

    Going for a week

    At around noon today, I'm leaving for a school sponsored trip during spring break. I'll get maybe half an hour at a computer each day there, so I'll check in when I can. Be back home on the 22nd. Just thought I'd make this so no one wonders where I'll be.
  15. Athel

    English Days site

    It's not that important or exciting, but the English site for 358/2 Days is now up. All it has is a slideshow of screenshots on top of a panoramic drawing of Twilight Town and the message 'Coming Soon'. KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days | SQUARE ENIX I checked both the front page and this section, and...
  16. Athel

    Fate of Reality [A Kingdom Hearts RP]

    Fate of Reality A Kingdom Hearts RP ...the realm of Light... ...the realm of Darkness... ...the Inbetween... The three realms of Reality. Light, the realm of Beings. Darkness, the realm of those without hearts. The Inbetween, the realm of nothingness. The realms each have their own properties...
  17. Athel

    A thread of mine was closed.

    And I'm seriously freaking out about it. I put it up about two minutes ago in the RP section and when I checked again just now, it was closed. I don't know if a Mod closed it or I just made some mistake. But if there's any way to re-open it, can someone please? That is, if it wasn't closed for a...
  18. Athel

    Fate of Reality [Sign Ups/OOC]

    Fate of Reality A Kingdom Hearts RP ...the realm of Light... ...the realm of Darkness... ...the Inbetween... The three realms of Reality. Light, the realm of Beings. Darkness, the realm of those without hearts. The Inbetween, the realm of nothingness. The realms each have their own properties...
  19. Athel

    Happy Birthday, Nelo Angelo

    That's right. Last night, because of time difference, was officially Nelo's 20th Birthday. And now he has a thread for us to congratulate him. So do it!
  20. Athel

    Well what do you know

    I'm Premium now. After a year and a half on KHI. Hooray.