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    ~*+Lyric Angel+ *~ Fanclub

    This fanclub is for one of my good friends on here, her name is Lyric Angel (or Rach). This is a fanclub for her. You might know her from roleplaying in the Keyblade Wars or posting around the forums! Here's to you, Lyric Angel and your awesomeness! JOIN IF YOU LIKE HER!=] Founding Member...
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    *~The Sorafan1203 Fanclub~*

    Okay so this person, she's been so kind and she tries to go around the forums (even if she doesn't RP or read much of fanfic even though she tries to). She's still sweet and loves a great yet long conversations. That person is better known as Sorafan1203 or as some of you know her as Candy! If...
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    Larxene-2nd time--Help?

    Hi there. So yeah, does anybody here know how to defeat Larxene for the second time because I'm doing her for like the second time and I really have no idea, how? If so, please help! Tips would be appreciated, thank you!
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    Help/Support ► A boy problem of mine

    There is this really cute guy who has no classes with me because he’s in Honors classes. The only I see him are in the hallways and or during my lunch period and also Gym (but not as much). I have this huge crush on him. I don’t know if he likes me because there are times he won’t stare at me...
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    Help/Support ► for those who watch anime, please read and answer this

    So yeah, there are these boys that are always giving me alot of trouble in school...and they're in my classes and they're always teasing me and so we were talking about anime and so people were like talking about it and one girl shouted out loud, "Yeah, I know! So this guy was watching...
  6. R

    I'm back! It's been a long while.

    Hello! My name is Kels but some people call me Kelsie cuz I like that name. (my username is a character-made of my friends') and I just like to say, I lost my password and hadn't had time to go on this forums and I just remembered now, so I hope to make new friends and once again, the only...
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    Hi there!

    Hey there, I'm sorafan1203's friend from another forum. We met each other and we're already penpals. Anyway, I also love Kingdom Hearts too. sorafan1203 recommended this website for me to go on. Well, the forums. I would love to get to know you all. I'll be interested in anybody who likes to...