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    ~-~Madam Lyssa hate/fanclub~-~

    if you love her or hate her your in the right place. now bow to the awesome-ness that is madam "I'M THE S TO THE Y-L-L THE I THE E AND CAN'T NO OTHER BAND KID PUT IT DOWN LIKE ME I'M SYLLYLICIOUS" i myself met her in "you're banned" thread (im a fan of her not a hater) ~-~fans~-~ v.p testify...
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    -\/-\/-TESTIFY's fanclub-\/-\/-

    testies heres your fanclub... dont smoke it ;-p join if you like testify and he's pot heady goodness members: me Macabre Hershey Madam Lyssa Reneeski paoupu girl Hinamizawa Syndrome khlover7 Ami-Chan Afro Nyokki roXasisven riku is darkness Nero Ж€§ᾏ₦ aqualight Beastly0123 Divide&Conquer...
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    just a thought

    sorry if someone asked this before... i search but couldnt find anything. and im sorry if this is the wrong place ok i think if we had some FI post count system it would be pretty cool. just like a button you hit and it tells you how many FI posts you have. im NOT saying i want FI posts to...
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    this wont work

    sorry if this is the wrong place(i didnt really know where to put this) is to possable to have in my avvy or sig? if so how? i tryed to put it in but it said it was "invalid" or something along those lines. sorry im not good with computers thanks for any help you give
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    Help/Support ► quick question about work

    ok i have been working at the same place for 5+ months and i was wondering if i its possable to get a rise after such a short time. see i have a recent need for more money. so just tell me if any of y'all got a rise at work after only five months?
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    Help/Support ► runaway shelters

    see thing at home have been bad for a really long time and their getting worse. ive been thinking of running away for a while now and heard of runaway shelters. but what is it like at one? and how do i find one near me? ive search the web to try and find one but its to confussing for me to...
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    Which Forum Member would you fuck

    simple right? just say who you would like to get down with. ill start -mila kunis
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    <><>The Kyle XY fanclub<><>

    if you love Kyle XY you in the right place. all the info i get will be displayed here so check back. <><>info<><> WHAT THE FUCK? HOW COULD THEY CAN THIS SHOW?!?!? <><>rules<><> all the site rules apply here too. but Kyle hate is not allowed <><>members<><> Founder: Some Dude1(aka me) VP...
  9. S


    what he's not died? its was all a joke? whats wrong with him... to pull that crap was a low as anyone can go! im i the only one who is pissed off at him? go to hell proline
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    hair 2.0

    this time its about hair style (not just about color like my last thread) so what is your prefered hair style on yourself or on the people you know? pics would help your post. here is mine prefered hair style for girls
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    would you like kairi more or less?

    i dont relly know if this is the right section but here it gos anyways and remember this is just a BASIC idea not a fanfiction ok. what if during kh2 when axel goes to kidnap kairi this happend insted of what happend in kh2 ok at the beach sits a depressed kairi who misses sora & riku(alot)...
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    help me please

    hey i put up a thread in the fanfiction section(cuz i didnt know where to put it) its called "kairi" http://forums.khinsider.com/fanfiction/116494-kairi.html but it did not go over good. where can i put it where people wont just say put a real fanfic or anything like that sorry for the...
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    Fanfiction ► kairi

    this a summary of a fanfiction(for lack of a better word) that takes place during kh2 when axel goes to kidnap kairi ok at the beach sits a depressed kairi who misses sora & riku when all the sudden axel poppes out of a cod and trys ot kidnap her but kairi kicks his butt(how you ask? with a...
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    this pic

    who are those two people next to roxas and axel and that thing sticking out of the ground looks kinda like a keyblade?(i know im most likly wrong about the keyblade thing) sorry if this is the wrong place
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    coded question

    until this week i was mildly intrested in coded now i am very intrested in coded so i need to ask yall a quick question here it goesive never had a cell so can you have a prepaid cell and still get coded or do you need a plan:confused::confused::confused:if this has been asked before or if no...
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    KH1 cloud vs sethiroth

    this is my first thread(not post tho) i looked for this but could not find it sohow do you get cloud and sethiroth to fight each other in kh1i know you can cuz ive seen a video of it but i dont know if its just in fm+ please help meps i have already beat sethiroth