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  1. C

    mild blood.

    On the back of the kh2 case where it describes the rateing it says "Mild Blood".I dont remeber seing blood throughout the hole game so this puzzels me.Any ideas.Sorry if theres been a thread like this before
  2. C

    goofys a heartless

    i have a suspision that goofys a heartless.for all we know he is.he couldve died when he got hit in the head with that rock after the fight with demyx..then he turned into a heartless and is now under cover.i just thought of this while posting on a heartless conversing thread.who thinks he might...
  3. C

    goku v.s. yoda

    if goku thought yoda was evil and yoda thought goku did it with his wife and slept with her who would win in a fight?
  4. C

    linkin park.good or bad

    is linkin park better then they used to be or worse.i say there worse they used to be awsome.but now theyve added all those crappy beats and made it slow the origanal songs were much better.soras dad gave me the idea of this thread
  5. C

    songs for my ipod

    i just got a new ipod any suggestions for songs to put on it
  6. C

    goku agsainst yoda.who would win?

    if goku thought yoda was evil and yoda thought goku did it with his wife and slept with her who would win in a fight?
  7. C

    my army...closed.NEW PURPOSE!

    ok.im back!my weekend vacation is over and i see how a pathetic job everyone has done in controlling my army.well now that im back i want all order and i dont want any violence bettween the forum.that means no fighting,arguing nothing.you give respect to your surpiriors.now, i am a born...
  8. C

    Forum Army!!!!!!!!

    i am making an army.the best place i could put this was in the clubs section.if you want to join the just come and tell me.once we make the army i will give you a plan.once i have 50 ppl in here the plan will be revealed.in order to tell there will be a poll.do not say no just yes.once fifty...
  9. C

    KH3 shoes

    hey.do you think in KH3 sora will finnally get smaler shoes and longer shorts if not pants?.because the shorts issue is whenever he unlocks a gummi way path you can see uunder his shorts(which is gay and disturbing.but really now they HAVE TO GIVE HIM SMALLER SHOES DAMNIT!who agrees?:D
  10. C


    I know there have been many threads about where to level up you drive forms or how to level up your drive forms but none about summons and frankly that what im having a problem with.Could sombody help me with it becuase all my drive forms are level 7 but my summon is only level2.HELP!:D
  11. C

    seifers hat.

    has anyone noticed that when you playas roxas in twilight town seifer wears a hat with a chinese word on it.I know alot of you hknow what it means anybody mind telling me. Just want to know.
  12. C

    help with the paradox cups.

    i need some help on getting the paradox cups .i have pain and panic but i dont have any others.ive beaten all the rest and completed the missions in the journal for them same with phils training.cant get the rest though.could some 1 tell me what to do?it would be appreciated
  13. C

    i need help on sepheroth

    :mad: i have been fighting sepheroth constantly and i can only get him down 6 bars then i just die.i would appreciate it if some1 couldd give me a good strategy or should i lvl up beyond lvl 75,hints and tips would be nice too.any info on how to beat him will give u some rep on me.thnx.:D
  14. C

    which is better,ffIIV,ffX,or kh2?place votes here!

    which games do u think is better kingdom hearts 2 final fantasy seven or final fantasy ten personall il go with seven but its up to u
  15. C

    what with sora walking?

    i mean as the title says.he trys to walk like a pimp when hes walking but its really everything but.goofy pimp walk is better and faster!so dont try and be cool and walk just run1
  16. C

    need help on getting final form

    i got final form in my first file i made but i made another and now i cant figure out how to get final form.i cant go back and check on the other 1 cuz i accidently deleted it (dumba**)so can some1 help i would deaply appreaciate it.plz :confused: