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    Why is Halo...

    Halo...Halo2....Halo3...we all seem to like it...from 6 year olds (who seem to kick ass) to freakin 100 year olds. WHY is it mature, i mean ive played it so many times...so many hours and it makes me wonder. The game isnt all that bloody...its not that bad. Its more like a Teen Rating if you...
  2. M

    Mickey Mouse...Darkness?

    I just realized, Mickey Mouse is the Keyblade Wielder of the Realm of Darkness...COME ON hows that cute little king chosen by the Realm of Darkness?
  3. M

    Who do you wanna play as most...?

    In 358/2 Days which member do you wanna play as the most or think would be the best? And for BBS who do you look forward to see the most?
  4. M

    Kefka and Leo

    This is a quick question, hopefully somebody can answer. Does anyone have gameshark/action replay codes to make Kefka and Leo playable in Final Fantay 6 advance?
  5. M

    Thoughts on Birth and Org.

    Im not sure anyone did this topic but I wanna know peoples theories on the 14th member of the Org. and the characters from Birth by Sleep. :thumbup: