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    site lag.

    im sorry to say this but this site is really slow when loading and posting. i dont know if it is just me, but the thing is, my connection is excellent, to all other sites with forums and downlaods and such. but this site loads everything alot slower, some attention must be brought to this...
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    one question.

    alright its been, almost a year since ive last been active. wel maybe not a year, but quite some time. and ive noticed that some of the people that i have encountered back then are still active, such as charge. he used to have a bunch of exclamation marks and stuff at hte end or something. but...
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    ring on the 4th finger, chinese explanation

    I was skimming through a few books in my english classroom and looked into a few books about the chinese. in one chapter, it gave an explanation on why the ring goes on the 4th finger. I am not sure whether or not anybody on this site knows about this explanation but i will post it anyways for...
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    why would Xemnas change the name?

    Organization 14 had, well 14 members. but from what happened in the other games, such as CoM and KH2, the members who were defeated did not result in the changing of the name. it stayed org 13. so many members were defeated in CoM but hte name didn't change. But since there were 14 members and...
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    my thoughts on Ven's/Sora's/Roxas' hearts

    the reason that Roxas looks like ven and why sora had Ven's heart in him along with kairi's and his own. i think that maybe terra guided the heart of Ven to sora or something when he was at destiny islands watching riku and sora play. i think that Terra gave Sora Ven's heartless and Nobody...
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    things about scans of 358/2

    some things i noticed about teh scans. http://www.khinsider.com/images/KingdomHeartsCompilation/01.png it seems that Alice in Wonderland is a world in this game. http://www.khinsider.com/images/KingdomHeartsCompilation/14.png it also seems that you get the kingdom key instead of the dual...
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    Master Xehenort and Xehenort/Xemnas/X.H

    if master xehenort, the old man from the final mix secret ending, is able to weild the keyblade, then why can't xehenort or xemnas or xehenorts heartless? they are teh same person, masters of the keyblades, and yet the, uh, future xehenort's do not know how to weild it. why is that? memory loss...
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    something funny i found on the DS title...

    alright, i did not make this, it is some other person on another site. LOL! i wonder if square is in cahootz with osama binladen...
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    terra summoning keyblade

    doesnt it look like in this picturehttp://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u139/Twilight93/TerraWithdrawingKeyblade.jpgterra is summoning teh keyblade like roxas did in the beginning of kh2? i think this is a link between what roxas's keyblade was and what terra's keyblade was. feel free to comment.
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    Riku in Land of Dragons.

    I am not sure whether or not this has been asked before because i am not usually active in this section of the forums. My question is, if anybody has beaten Riku when he appears in the Land of Dragons at the summit? I've attempted a few times but for some reason the battle always stops.
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    about SE

    well, not sure if anyone has noticed this, but it seems that everything is sort of more metallic. the keyblades, more metallic, not all kiddie like. the knights, their armour, duh. the big thing behind terra, looks more metal than anything in kh2 or kh. its alot more mature and alot better...
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    Marcus Pheonix VS. Master Cheif

    danm its already been done. nvm. mods please close.
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    What is the first impression of the member above you

    well, title says it all. and since nobody is above me, so i cant go first =(
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    xemnas's heart= kingdom hearts?

    this is a theory that had just occured to me while i was playing kingdom hearts again, fight after teh skyscraper battle with xemnas. he said that kingdom eharts cannot be complette without him and he without kingdom hearts. i beleive that when the UEM (yes this is probably another...
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    anyone listen to music other than rock?

    dont get me wrong, rock music is cool and all, and i even like some of the songs and bands, buut alls ive seen on this thread is about rock, and im just owndering if anyone likes anything other than rock, like hip-hop, techno, or rap.
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    back to basics

    you know how in CoM we lose our powers like hte abilities and stuff, and that is the reason that we cannot do anything in the beggining of kh2, well since kh2 ended with us with full abilities and at max power for most of us, do you think that we will lose our abilities and things again in the...
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    this is disgusting and may sicken most of you

    i was browsing youtube and found this video, its of a dolphin masacre. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85srTdF5YXQ my question is if japan is so intelligent and so great and all of these things, then why do thye slaughter these endangoured animals like they are nothing? sliting their throats...
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    new(unconfirmed) info bout dis-souls or w/e

    ok, it has been recently said that there are different types or dis-souls, and hte 3 knights belong to these groups Mensa, reanoth, and tearsh. since the scene we saw took palce in the past, maybe that was the class system back then. maybe all people were under that class, or maybe, and this...
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    in kh 3, not the one with the knights.

    i beleive, that in kh3, sora and mickey will be together alot more, since all of the darkness and receiving the keyblade business was done. plus, i also think that the three keyblades, mickeys, sora's, and rriku's, will merge into one, riku's being hte nothingness, sora's being the light, and...
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    Yen Sid? all knowing?

    this question was brought on by the7seventh's thread. does Yen Sid's book reveal some hints about the future? like hte knights? im not sure that it does, but just a question. if someone does know, please post here wut it says, or a breif summary.