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  1. Kaijuguy19

    Will Microtransactions affect Kingdom Hearts 3?

    I've just watched Angry Joe's review on Deus Ex Mankind Divided and he mentions about the microtransactions in the game and how he's worried that it'll affect gaming in the future in a bad way.=. So it makes me wonder if this is also going to happen for KH3 and even FF15 as well?
  2. Kaijuguy19

    Cartoon/TV ► ABC's Galavant

    I saw that there wasn't a thread for the ABC Musical Comedy of the same name so I figured I can make one here. :) So if anyone saw it what are your thoughts on it? I think it's funny and well written.
  3. Kaijuguy19

    Any FF game I can try out first?

    Since I've first started to play the Kingdom Hearts series I'm beginning to get a good idea about the FF elements in the game so I wonder if I start to get into the FF game series are there any games you'd recommend me trying out first like some of the more acclaimed titles in the FF franchise?
  4. Kaijuguy19

    Film ► Unpopular Movie and TV opinions.

    As the title says are there any opinions on some movies and TV series that are generally considered unpopular in a lot of places? Here's my list. I actually like the Transformers Movies: I'm fully aware that they're the media's favourite scrap goat to pick on and among the internet's most hated...
  5. Kaijuguy19

    Characters and elements in the KH games you feel get too much flak.

    I'm aware that the game series has problems some minor or major though I was wondering. Were there any character and elements in them that you feel get too much flak or at least get more flak then they warrant? Here's my list. The BBS trio: I've read about how the bond between them wasn't...
  6. Kaijuguy19

    Trying to get the BBS FM Secret Ending on Standard Mode.

    I've been trying to get the secret ending to BBS FM for some time now and I've found out that I have to finish the characters reports and the Trinity Archives in order to do so. My question is that does that include facing the secret bosses.beating the Unversed missions and obtaining special...
  7. Kaijuguy19

    Have a question about getting the Keyslinger Trophy for BBS FM.

    I'm trying to get the secret episode for BBS FM in my 2.5 game and I've done the requirements I need to get the ending for the Standard Mode version so I only need to get the Keyslinger Trophy. The question is how do I know how many Unverse I've defeated so far so I'll know when to get the 9,999...
  8. Kaijuguy19

    Theory about Aqua's role and theme in the KH series

    I've enjoyed Aqua's story and character in the BBS game in the remix 2.5 a good deal and I do love how unlike most of the other females in the series she had a major role. I can also see how she can represent Kairi too. However after playing through the game I can't help but wonder about this...
  9. Kaijuguy19

    Will the KH series stand the test of time?

    I'm not sure if this has been asked before but I've been thinking about this lately. Since the series in the long run has had both good and not good moments over the years and I have to wonder. Will it eventually stand the test of time or at least the current saga? Reason I asked this was...
  10. Kaijuguy19

    Had this question about the character selection in BBS for a while now.

    Since I'm thinking of playing Birth By Sleep Final Mix on my KH 2.5 Remix copy I had this question about who to start out first. I've heard people say that from a narrative standpoint it's best to start with Terra then with Ventus then finally as Aqua so is that true?
  11. Kaijuguy19

    Idea and thoughts about the Darkness Posession in KH3

    After being shown to the story element of the Darkness and Heartless now being able to take over some Disney characters like Baymax's old body it's got me curious to see how this idea would further tie into the main story if it does that is. So I think it's likely this will happen in the other...
  12. Kaijuguy19

    Which order do I take on the Organazation XIII members in KH2 FM/Remix?

    Since I'm still playing KH2 FM on my KH 2.5 remix collection I haven't gotten around to taking on the Organization XIII boss fights yet since I'm planning on leveling myself up until I'm near the game's end so when I am ready to take on the members before I finish the game which member do I take...
  13. Kaijuguy19

    Do you guys think Nomura's the George Lucas of JPRG?

    Nomura's responsible for a lot of massive influence to both the FF and KH games though he's often criticized for not being too keen on doing story and characters well enough at times like the KH games for example so I wonder if he's like the George Lucas of the JRPG genre since they seem to...
  14. Kaijuguy19

    About the enemy cards in Chain of Memories.

    I've seen some videos on youtube about players using the enemy cards they collected to help them out. Is there a way to activate any of them during combat?
  15. Kaijuguy19

    Kaiju's Art Thread.

    I've been doing art for as long as I can remember and I've wanted to show some of them here. I'm not perfect in it but I'm striving to continue trying out new techniques too since I'm hoping to do my own graphic novel too. So to start off here's a few pics of Godzilla with his nemesis...
  16. Kaijuguy19

    Optional Bosses advice?

    So far in KH FM for the PS3 remix I've managed to take down Kurt Zisa but I'm wondering about the rest of the optional bosses. Which optional boss is the best to go after next? I've tried to go against Ice Titan and tried to use the Guard command but wasn't able to properly because maybe I...
  17. Kaijuguy19

    How would you like to see Marvel fit into KH3?

    Since there's a similar thread like this with Star Wars I was wondering supposing if Marvel somehow got adapted into the game how would you like to see it fit in? As either worlds,characters,Easter Eggs,etc? Myself it would be cool if like the FF we see the Marvel characters travel from world...
  18. Kaijuguy19

    Music ► Metal Music Thread

    Not sure if a thread like this is made already or not but I'm into Symphonic Metal and I'm into Nightwish the most so far. They way they combine metal and orchestral symphony is just breathtaking as so as other bands who use those methods too.
  19. Kaijuguy19

    Non Disney worlds and characters you'd love to see in the KH series.

    The Disney worlds and characters in the KH series often are fun and awesome to visit but we've also have some ideas for worlds and characters that aren't from Disney but still would amazing to see. Are there any you'd love to see the most? Here's my list Middle Earth: Imagine being able to...
  20. Kaijuguy19

    Question about the Ultima Weapon.

    Is the Ultima Weapon required to defeat Ansem properly in KH Final Mix? I remember looking at a play through some years ago of KH 1 and it showed that the Ultima Keyblade does prove to be very useful when going against Ansem. But is it also possible to defeat Ansem without the Ultima Weapn?