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  1. Y

    Keyblade knight's keyblade?

    Does anyone have a pic of the knight in the center that clearly shows his keyblade?
  2. Y

    Lazy Order Member??

    Okay, I remember Nomura saying something a while ago about there being a member of the Orginization that you don't have to worry about fighting at all. Was he refering to Axel besause you don't fight him as Sora? Or was he refering to Roxas, because you don't fight him, Sora does in a cutscene?
  3. Y

    Pic or Xeh-Riku?

    Can someone please provide me with a pic of Riku while he's int he form of Xehanort please? It'd be greatly appreciated.
  4. Y


    in the new OPM(Official Playstation Magazene) it's stated that... "We havn't seen a Spooky Pete, but it's safe to assume that he will be deaded up for this level" refering to Halloween Town. Idiots -_- Or.... is this true?! Will Pete be in Halloween Town :confused:
  5. Y

    EGM Magizene

    I'm not sure if those goes in the spoiler section, but meh.. it can be moved. Anyways I read that the issue of EGM will have a list of voice actors for KH2. Stupid question, but... I assume that these are the voice actors for the US version?? So that means, the voices for the Orginization, and...
  6. Y

    Pic of Tifa?

    I need a pic of Tifa in KH2 badly. Any pic will do, I don't care about quality.
  7. Y

    Passion in English, huh?

    Well I'm listening to this supposed English version of Passion people have been talking about. Sounds like something from the Lion King(Seems weird to say that on KH board).... Has anyone else heard this song? It's definately not Passion, I'll tell you that right now.
  8. Y

    Riku and Kairi as partners for KH3?

    http://files.filefront.com/Kingdom_Hearts_II_Ending/;4527850;;/fileinfo.html I just finished watching the full ending with sound, and after the credits it showed the scene where Kairi gave Sora the message from King Mickey. As they all reading it the music that played in the video after the...
  9. Y

    KH2 Ending pics please?

    I really need some pics from the COMPLETE ending of KH2. More than anything I just want a pic of CGI Namine from the ending. Can anyone help me out?
  10. Y

    So they WERE fighting

    I just watched one of the latest Roxas cutscenes... turns that him and Riku really were fighintg EACHOTHER in the Deep Dive video. It showed what happened after Riku caught the keyblade. They both landed back on the grouns and began fighting eachother with the keyblades. So... does this mean he...
  11. Y

    New Cutscenes?

    Does anyone know if the 8th Roxas cutscene is available yet?
  12. Y

    This may not be exactly the correct forum, but...

    Would you consider my avie a spoiler. I don't wanna catch any hell from the mods so if it is spoilersh.. tell me so I can change it.
  13. Y

    Ansem still inside Riku?

    So is Xehanort still within Riku struggling to take over his body or w.e?
  14. Y

    Pics of keyblades?

    Can someone show me the links to pictures of all the keyblades from KH2 that have been revealed so far?
  15. Y

    Spoiler Question

    This may seem like a totaly stupid question, but... would a pic that revealed the leader of the Order's face in my siggy be cosidered a spoiler?
  16. Y

    DiZ and Ansem question.

    Is the Ansem from KH1, DiZ's Nobody? Or is he just a guy who thought he was Ansem and Xemnas is HIS Nobody?
  17. Y

    CGI Ending Pics

    Hey could somebody give me the link to some pics of the FULL KH2 ending? It'd be greatly appreciated.
  18. Y

    Translations for TRUE 6th Cutscene?

    I'm more interested in the translations for the Roxas, Axel, and DiZ parts. And I'd like to know what Vivi said.
  19. Y

    My Siggy

    I know this is probably the wrong board, but meh. It can just be deleted. Anyways, my siggy was deleted recently, because it was a spoiler. I didn't think it was spoilerish at all being that it was a pic from a PV, but meh w.e. No use complaining about it. Anyways, I made myself a new siggy and...
  20. Y

    Sora's Fusion

    So have we found out why and how Sora can fuse bodies with Donald and Goofy yet? It's his new clothes right? And he can do it because he's not whole... right??