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    Fanfiction ► my story unfold

    i have my reasons to be hateful but im happy this way i have my reason i need to know about my past ........ my name is not important to you but to me it means every thing to me my name is alexica and i will seek out the truth of my past chapter 1:a road awakes as I was walking thought...
  2. K

    Fanfiction ► my first love

    a/n this is kairi's point of view I was at school and this boy walked up to me and sayed something (i didnt pay no mind at the time.) he had brown hair and pritty blue eyes of corese my best friend said we wouldnt :blush: :blushing: talk to each other with out bumping to each other
  3. K

    Fanfiction ► my hearts is not here

    my hearts was divided in three parts happy,sad,and anger everyones hearts is just one mys is three. my happy heart is my love and nice life of my friends and family and it have to do with my other sides. my sad is what im felting depersed and if i dont get what i earned and my anger is stuff...
  4. K

    was axle and demyx best friends?

    i wanta know if axle and and demyx was best friends or not?
  5. K

    Fanfiction ► poem of path

    two people have one sky one destany to meet aging so there paths can cross together one sky, one vocie u can follow thought the darkness and see the light and meet aging..............when two hearts go together tahts where light will shine on you crossed path with the one u love the most
  6. K


    hi im backkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!