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    Zelda Legend of the hourglass help...

    Im at the temple of the ocean king and I need help. I'm supposed to press the sacred crest against the sea chart? How do I do this because I've tried everything
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    The Keyblade Ninja

    Ok lets get started. Name:Soki Age:14 Apperance:A black Haired Keyblade Ninja with blue shades Bio:Soki raised himself from a child because his parents were killed by the heartless while trying to protect him. He soon found out they were after him because he possessed the Shuriblade...
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    Epic Movie

    Did anyone like this movie because I thought it was funny and retarded at the same time.:confused:
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    Would you rather be a Keyblademaster or a Ninja?

    Would you like to be a keyblade master or a ninja? I would want to be a keyblade master. It would so cool to have the keyblade!:thumbsup:
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    Family Guy

    This is the best show ever! It is so funny. I could watch the show over and over again. What do you guys think of Family Guy?
  6. S

    Does anyone else like Robot Chicken?

    I like Robot Chicken on Adult Swim but sometimes I think it goes a little to far when it comes to making fun of other shows. It even made fun of Final Fantasy on time. But it isa good show what do you guys think of it? :confused:
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    Funny Limit Commands

    I'll start the thread by making a funny limit command(Please post). Purpose: To regain health Limit: Sora either throws Donald or Goofy in the air and when they thrown high, they explode into munny and health orbs(The party member can only be brought back if the other party member dies). I...
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    Would you change anything?

    Would you change anything in KH2? If I could change something it would be that the game was a little longer and that you could be other characters beside Sora. Tell me what you guys would change. :confused:
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    New Futurama Episodes?

    Does anyone know when the new Futurama Episodes are comming out?
  10. S

    Worlds Connected?

    Since King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy where on Destiny Islands at the end of KH2 does that mean that that all the worlds are still connected even though they are in peace? :confused:
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    Sora vs. Riku *could be spoilers*

    Does anyone know of a way to beat Riku? I know I can beat him but my magic always goes down and I run out of items and I really hate it when you die you have to watch the movie again and again until you win. :sleep:
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    My threads disapeared

    I need someones help. Most of my threads have disapeared and my posts have dropped to 64! :cry:
  13. S


    What happened to Aurons arm? Did he loose it in a fight or something? (please don't say this is a stupid thread). :cry:
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    The Simpsons Movie

    Does anyone know what this movie is going to be about? I don't want to wait until it comes out on July 27, 2007! :sad:
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    What is Roxas and Riku's name put together?

    I need help on deciding what I should change my name to so I need help on a name with Roxas and Riku mixed together. So far all I got is Roku. :glare:
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    The movie Click

    I was disapointed. They showed all the good parts in the preview. That movie was very predictable. I wish they didn't show all the good parts.
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    Kinda Funny Movies

    These movies are kinda funny but only one of them is about Kingdom Hearts. The other one is Nauruto. http://www.gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=5857 KH http://www.gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=5145 Naruto