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  1. K

    Super Paper Mario

    New Paper Mario game http://planetgamecube.com/gameArt.cfm?artid=11445
  2. K

    Coke VS Pepsi

    I lurve both. But I don't find Pepsi as refreshing as Coke so... Coke for me.
  3. K

    Spider man makes joo gay!

    http://www.funfreepages.com/flash/spider-man_gay.php Damn you spider man!I will despise joo foreva!
  4. K

    Store Wars

    http://www.storewars.org/flash/index.html May the farm be with you XD
  5. K

    SPOILERS about new trailer

    In the new trailer right after the scene where kairi's in jail Sora is surrounded by heatless and there is something falling out of the sky killing them alll. anybody have an idea of what it could it be?
  6. K

    Mario Kart DS

    I just got the game and It's even better than I thought! My brother is getting his a$$ kicked online right now.LOL! so let me hear what you guys have to say abouth this game.
  7. K

    Sora evil?

    At Kh2.co it says sora said this Sora: Please, put me into the world of darkness. Does this mean he's giving his heart to darkness or he just wants to go to some world of darkness?
  8. K

    Golden Warthog???

    Ok On Xbox Live Ive Heard Alot about a Golden Warthog on Halo 2. I searched the internet for this and just found this pic.http://www.maj.com/gallery/Ykcab/Halo/Halo2/GoldenWarthog/golden_warthog_jpg_01.jpg So does anyone know how to get it?
  9. K

    Post Halo 2 custom games!

    ok on Xbox live ive played a lot of custom games.some are very cool and some are just boring as hell.But I played one that totally rocked and it's called...Zombies.heres the rules.Everyone goes to red team except one guy...he goes to green and that green guy is the zombie.If the zombie kills you...
  10. K

    post funny pics!

    Post Funny stuff here! Ill start with some
  11. K

    Jetpack move thingy

    Watch some chinese guys blast a dude into the air and into the water.... http://www.lookatentertainment.com/v/v-1169.htm
  12. K

    favorite weapon in halo 2

    I love the sword!Just kinda sucks when your enemy is far away though....
  13. K

    400 posts...

    yay 400....still got a looong way to go for 1000 though..........
  14. K

    Harry Potter and the goblet of fire

    I think this is gonna be the best harry potter movie yet :D check out some trailers and stuff here http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=4659
  15. K

    Smiley game!

    Ok heres just some game i made up.Find a smiley and paste it here then the person after you rates it and they post a smiley! ok heres the first one!
  16. K

    Hi everyone!

    Hi guys!Im new here and so far I love these forums!I hope I make lots of friends! :)