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  1. Y

    Kh2 Video, In English!!!!!!!!!!!!

    omg!! i found this video using video.google.com its twilight town in English!!!! no offence, but he has a strong american accent i'll give u link !!click this sentance 2 see the video, dw u don't need 2 download!! PS: i am Australian
  2. Y

    FFX-2 in KH2!!!

    hello, OMG! i luv FFX-2 and KH2 but how cool is it how Yuna and Rikku are gonna be in KH2!! YAY!! it'll be sooo cool!! but i wonder if Paine will be in it?? still i just can't wait!!!
  3. Y

    Release date for Australia...

    Hey pllz, Does any1 think that the releae date of KH2 will be different for Australia from USA?
  4. Y


    hiya i was thinking scence KH:COM had multiplayer don't u think they would make KH2 a multiplayer?
  5. Y

    Dreams of KH2?

    Hello, I was wondering if any1 else other than has ever had a dream that they were playing or were in KH2? I have had 2 dreams about it.
  6. Y


    HELLO pplz in this thread u can rate each others sigs! We'll start off with mine. it has to be out of 10. I think i'll give mine......8/10 ENJOY
  7. Y

    Kh Music!!!

    Hi ppl I have found music from KH! The music is OK it isnt the best but thats my verdict. Just click on the link and off u go just click on the music name u want to play. http://www.rpgdreamer.com/kh/khmusic.html
  8. Y

    ?KH2 beginning?

    Hello ppls how r we....good. Well I hav been very confused about the beginning of KH2. I hav researched and researched all over the net and i hav not been given any answers on how KH2 starts of. Please if any1 kmows please post in this thread. It would be very helpful in my research. Thank u...
  9. Y

    KH2 Demo?

    Does any1 know where i can find a playable KH2 demo or when they will hand them out? It would help me out a lot
  10. Y

    Ffx-2 Music

    if any1 on this site likes FFX-2 Music then click on this link and tell me if it is good or bad. :) Thanx http://www.rpgdreamer.com/ffx-2/ffx-2music.html