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  1. K

    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    Just caught me off guard, but that Sephiroth first reaction command my first time came SO fast, that I was like "SHIT!!!" XD But cause I am such a big sephiroth fanboy (I know, smite me if you will), it was an honor to get my ass handed to me in such a elegant fashion...Hee..."Those who are...
  2. K

    Soras Voice

    Tis a shame that in games like this you cant just turn on Japanese w/ subtitles or something like that....What would be SOOO awsome X3
  3. K

    E.S. Jiminiy Journal Picture

    Prob. because it's an early Keyblade or something... Yeah, but due to the color variations, that may not even be one of the orig. knights...I'm not sure, but just throwing that one out there for you guys...
  4. K

    Xehanort is U.E.M.!!!!!

    Yeah, as I stated before, you and me have a similar idea on the entire affair with the UEM and Xemnas/Xeharnort. ^_^
  5. K

    Riku... left out?

    Well, see, there is ONE small problem with that co-op thing....And that's this with my friend Vahn... Kit: Ok, so let's do this, you can take Sora, and I'll be taking Riku Vahn: How bout I use Riku this time for once? Kit: Hmm...ok, here, let me answer that- *PUNCH IN FACE* Kit: Still want to...
  6. K

    Riku... left out?

    I completely/whole heartedly agree ^^ With luck, in the next game they will be focusing on both Sora and Riku OMG, how cool would that be if you could rotate between the 2, kinda like choosing a character for the story w/e you wanted, huh? ^^
  7. K

    Riku... left out?

    hee, maybe they will, ha, ha ^^
  8. K

    Riku... left out?

    True that we get to play as Riku in CoM, but come on now, I think we'll ALL agree, we want the Riku from KH2 that makes straight men like me question their sexuality, ha, ha XD Give him his own storyline before meeting with Sora I believe. That would be AWSOME...
  9. K

    Riku... left out?

    Well, of COURSE he was somewhat left out in KH2 due to how his appearance was supposed to be a big surprise later on on the game. I will say this, I was TICKED when you only got to play as Riku for like 2 seconds...HELLO!?! GIVE US THE WHITE HAIRED BISHI PLAYABLES DAMN YOU!!! *Shakes fist at...
  10. K

    Xeharnort .... is the ES ...???

    Wow....uhh...like we HAVENT been talking/is the main topic of this thread?.....
  11. K

    Xeharnort .... is the ES ...???

    You want to know my opinion on the whole Final mix thing? Ok, well, this was the first belief that came to me, but the whole thing with Xeharnort hair style and eye color. This was the idea. ((Keep in mind, most of this was thrown when the new vid. of KH came out)) The old man is supposedly...