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  1. Epilogue

    Fanfiction ► Undying Devotion [oneshot]

    Undying Devotion By: Shiro-chan Disclaimer: I don't own the KH series. Pairing: SoraxKairi Genre: Angst, Romance, Tragedy Setting: Takes place six years after KH2 at Destiny Islands. Rating: K+ Summary: It has been six years since Sora and co, have finished the fight. It had been six years...
  2. Epilogue

    I Hate Shiro-chan

    :3 AWWWW! Come one, come all. Come all Shiro-chan haters. Unite and HATE HER TOGETHER WITH GLEE! YIPPEE! ^-^
  3. Epilogue

    Crack Pairings Shrine ::

    TEH CRACK PAIRING SHRINE the place for all crack non-canon pairing lovers galore. all crack pairings are welcomed. Shonen-ai, Shojo-ai, Yuri, Yaoi, whatever! Rules: Do not bash any crack pairings, this will not be tolerated. No canons are allowed. Be creative as you want All crack pairings...
  4. Epilogue

    Fanfiction ► .<<\\:The Flimstrip of Memories://>>.

    The filmstrip of Memories Introduction: Three different hearts. Disclaimer: Yes I am. Rating: T...rating may change Readers that should read: Roxiri, SoKai, Namiku, SoNam, Roxine, Kaiku (Brotherly, sisterly love), and other pairings lovers galore. An Author’s rambling: You don’t...
  5. Epilogue

    Fanfiction ► Shattered Hearts: The Broken Sanctuary

    .[[Shattered Hearts]]. The Broken Sanctuary Fanfiction Title: Shattered Hearts: The Broken Sanctuary Chapter: Introduction Chapter Name: Two years ago Pairings: Read and see. Rating: M (for language and adult suggested themes) ** Do NOT read if your not going to like lemon/lime/adult...
  6. Epilogue

    i wonder

    I wonder what role Kairi will play this time in KH2 besides the girl that waits for Sora and Riku. What do you know or think?